“I Finished my Armed Struggle,  Battling Thieves is for you..But here is  also My Blue Eyed Daughter Nakalema to Assit IGG”-Museveni.

Uganda’s Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has reaffirmed trust and confidence in his blue eyed “daughter” Lt. Col Edith Nakalema whom she appointed to head The anti corruption Unit from State House upon her return from UK for millitary training.

Museveni who was yesturday at Kololo Airstrip to mark the Commemoration of the International Anti-corruption Day Event organised by the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Justice Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza began his Speech “You do not fight corruption by long speeches rather by how many corrupt officials you have brought down.”

Museveni reminded multitudes who gathered in Kololo to listen to his speech that what took him to the bush was to fight brutal goverments but now that he defeated them its the responsibility of “you” Ugandans to battle graft.

“You’re the ones knowing doctors who steal drugs and Police people who take bribe” emphasised Museveni.
He was this time kind to IGG and remarked that ‘she has tried’ but now that Nakalema is here, I expect results warning her of being infritrated by weavils.

Nakalema was seen frequently briefing the president than anyother official while in the President’s tent confirming how deeper and close she is to the old man with the hat.

When he invited her during his speech Museveni jokingly said “though short and small, she is my blue eye”

Museveni also called upon journalists to join in the struggle to fight corruption rather than talking useless things.

He regreated that Former IGP Kale Kaihura’s police was arresting young people for Idle and disorderly in slum areas and wondered why a Ugandan should be arrested in his own country for being idle!

He whoever read +2567800202500 as the number to call and report corruption cases.

Museveni also pointed out that he is going to seek the assistance of the Speaker of Parliament so that property of the thieves be taken over.
He lamented that over 54 billion was swinddled but no one has recovered it.

He hailed the children who performed the skit on corruption as passing good message.
He latter signed to comitment banner to end corruption.

Justice Mulyagonja in her speech pointed out that billions of money has been recovered by her office.

Museveni latter adressed the media at his office.

Also HTP invited for the Event, in pics is HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin.

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