African Pastor who clearly Prophesied Corona Virus before Outbreak Speaks to HICGI News Agency; Unveils New Prophecy ahead of Easter Good Friday.

By E.K Benjamin

Kampala, Uganda

The United States of America State Department headed by Hon Mike Richard Pompeo is astounded by the state of Corona Virus Pandemic struggling with no current solutions to billions of unanswered questions by the fact that US is now the epic center of the pandemic with 233,246 cases and 5,738 deaths as by April 02, 2020, 17:11 GMT according to on COVID 19.

In an email response dated April 2, 2020 to HICGI News Agency earlier seeking views on the Prophecy of Ugandan Preacher Bishop Isaiah Mbuga founder of Christ’s Heart ministries, Mukono Central Uganda, the Bureau of Global Public Affairs Office of Public Liaison refers the “spiritual” matters to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stating “query reaches beyond the purview of the U.S. Department of State.”

A YouTube video that has attracted more 265,553 views uploaded on Jan 8, 2017 of his 2016/2017 New Year Message, Bishop Isaiah Mbuga tells his congregation that “There will be a disease about 2019 that will come; It will be airborne whoever gets it will die because there will be no medication.” Mbuga continues, “But no one hearing me and who is going to do what am telling him will receive that disease-It will be so pathetic. Al these calamities as they happen will be distinguishing one thing, church. Am telling you it’s going to be bad and people will long to get into this kind of life.

We have been pleading with people to be Born again but now they are about to see the benefits of being Born again. We’re entering a season where we’re not just going to talk about God’s power, it will be automatic.

 You both enter labour at the same time, 30 minutes latter you Born again you’re walking out. You take back your child for the next day for immunization, you find again the person you entered with who is not born-again, and they’re still in labour. It will be so bad, the time for the glorification of the church is now and it’s also going to draw many to Christ. “This is part of his 29 minutes prophecy available on

Following a wide mass reaction on this video, HICGI News Agency sought interview with Bishop Mbuga for which he accepted and shared with us.

Pastor introduces himself as a married man who has led his ministry for the last 13 years. He says his spiritual father is Ps Moses Dombo and having two mentors Apostle Suuna Sonstar in Canada and Dr. Adonijah Ogbonnaya (ATC, BA,MA Theol MA, PhD). See detailed profile towards the end.

In an interview, Mbuga stresses that the Pride of Nations is what’s making the Corona Virus Pandemic worsening with current figures reaching to 1 million and that would extend. “It’s pride of nations destroying the world not even the virus.” Mbuga says and adds that the name ‘God’ is pronounced rather than the name of Jesus Christ in the world. He says evangelists face jail for preaching Jesus in United Kingdom, a country which began on the foundation of Christianity.  “The world doesn’t have a problem with God but the whole world has a problem with Jesus, why?”

Mbuga adds that many churches in Europe have been turned into bars, night clubs and other businesses instead of drawing people to Jesus and this is God’s judgment.

He says that at the fulfillment of the prophecy of Corona virus which God showed him and he spoke 2 years ago, prompted him and the church to pray and fast for the world such that many people wouldn’t die. There praying that people be right with God during these end times.

He is disappointed that some people including church leaders around the world pronounced that God didn’t show any one about this pandemic coming yet He did adding that this is lack of deeper relationship with God.

“If God showed me this, its means that He still speaks and this is by grace, am not fighting for position or recognition.” Says Mbuga.

We contacted the leader of Born Again Faith in Uganda Presiding Apostle Dr. Joseph Sserwadda whose fraternity Bishop Mbuga’s Ministry subscribes to but he simply said “No comment, not even to Museveni journalists.” However in one of the popular programs he holds every Sunday morning on his 98.4 Impact FM radio recently said “No pastor should tell us that God showed him this Prophecy of Corona Virus..”

Another city Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church also took on Nigerian Prophet T.B Joshua attacking him of fooling the world that God showed him Corona Virus. HICGI News Agency has established that the video TB Joshua claims he prophesied about Corona Virus had been uploaded on 26th March 2020, he didn’t prophecy but allowed his aide a young woman to read a paper during one of the church services indicating some prophecy on Iran, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Queen Elizabeth, US Economy, Nigeria Politics, British Royal family and other issues saying will happen in 2020. ( However TB Joshua earlier on 3rd March 2020 had uploaded a video saying “No medicine can take it out, it will go the way it came”

Other pastors whose prophecy on Corona virus is disputed include;

Joseph Prince, a Televangelist and Senior Pastor of New Creation Church based in Singapore whose recent video in a preaching suggests he talked about it two years ago.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God in Lagos Nigeria only talked about volcanic eruption and change of governments peacefully and violently in 2020.

On March 14th 2020, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa uploaded a video saying that he prophesied of a disease from the ocean. That it’s very painful and it will kill thousands if not millions or billions and that he saw this in 2017 when people are falling like leaves dying. He adds that investigations will result into nothing, a plague only God can stop.

 January 2015 he also adds- had prophecy on China explosion and disease transmitted in air. Zimbwean preacher Makandiwa is not specific, he one time thinks its nuclear, biological war fare and other times talks about a sea, he is not consistent and his aide in the video struggles to convince viewers yet analysts we have spoken to say that prophecy must be accurate and  self-explanatory rather than one trying to convince or defend spiritual submissions.

Dr. Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom TV ministry with 95k views video uploaded on Feb 2, 2020 talks about insects from South East Asia

 Nevertheless most of all the uploads emphasise prayer for the world as the solution.

Bishop Isaiah Mbuga says prophecy should be of edification and glorification of God as an important office part of the 5 fold ministries in the Bible. Since He will not let anything happen without showing His Prophets.

In his massage to global leaders, he calls upon Release of Political Prisoners, Ending oppression of the people and stop stealing public funds. “But I also have another one thing to tell the nations of the world, look for Jesus. Salvation and healing is by Him and this will change the equation as Christ is embraced” Mbuga adds.

He says that US President Donald J Trump has done something for God’s kingdom with some of his policies.

HICGI News Agency has also contacted the White House on Bishop Mbuga’s views and Prophecy and a comment is yet to be received and so from Uganda Government which we have contacted through Minister of Information & National Guidance headed by Hon Judith Nabakoba.

In his conclusive remarks, Mbuga says he has another prophecy for the world. He says on Good Friday or a Thursday before Easter, there’s going to be a sign which the world is yet to see. He says however that if it doesn’t appear this  year then it will be next year in 2021 on one of the days but this is going to be a major sign he reaffirms and that a lot of people will know God.

Mbuga says this is not the first time he is prophesying, his media team is working on running all prophecies he has been making and coming to pass.

He recalls saying there was not going to be bloodshed in Uganda in the past election which had been feared to be violent and some pastors were saying danger was coming. He went on Government and private owned media and denounced such until when the army left the streets in Kampala without bloodshed.

He also said that he contacted one high ranking military General years ago through his relative because there was going to be trouble to him but he just ignored him until trouble happened to him.

More about Bishop Isaiah Mbuga

In May 2016 he was interviewed by a local newspaper which profiled him as follows;

Bishop Mbuga, 46, is a senior broadcast consultant and trainer who was born and raised in a strict religious family of the late Christopher Matovu.

He started singing at Gayaza Church of Uganda, where his father was choirmaster. “From the age of four, I used to go with him for choir practice. When I was in Primary Four, I was quite fascinated by the drumming, and dancing and as a result, my academic report for that year bore inscriptions that I was a distracted child,” he recalls.

In Primary Six, he joined Gayaza Primary School Choir and he says then Calvary Cross Choir, Kidayo, and the Golden Gate choir, were at their best.

“In 1985 when I joined Mengo S.S, everything changed. One of the missionary teachers at the time offered to teach me how to play a guitar. Three months into it, the liberation war was eminent over Kampala so the missionary left Uganda,” he says in a low tone. With the few lessons, he was left craving more until he met Ben Khingi, now a surgeon at Mulago hospital, who taught him more guitar chords. With this skill, started he singing and playing and hence started the KPC Youth Band with Ken Sserukenya.

He stayed in the choir for some time and even started writing his own music till he left for college.

He attended Makerere University where he pursued Mass Communication. After university, he hosted a programme; Christian Variety Show on UTV, for seven years.

His first attempts to have recordings were futile until 2002 when he recorded his first album in United Kingdom. Then he was doing a master’s degree in international Journalism at City University of London.

He recorded it with Ronnie Wilson, the producer of Eternal, an album for the British R&B girls group; Eternal.

In 2007, he returned to Uganda and started Christ’s Heart ministries in Mukono and this church now has over seven branches across the country.

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  1. agutimiriam says:

    I believe that God still speaks.
    And whenever He does, it’s of vital importance.
    Thank you Bishop for the Word from God for the world.


  2. Faith Tukamushaba says:

    I love his sermons, he is a great man of good, a true prophet indeed


  3. Nkalubo Budallah says:

    He is a devoted man of God. I believe God speaks to him.


  4. Charles Ssuuna says:

    Thank you. The message remains, world must repent and seek the face of God.

    With Pride! Unfortunately, Many are still going to fall.


  5. This story has overwhelming views with more than 3000 views in 24 hours since its publication; this is record breaking!! Most of the views are from United States of America and other 90 countries.


  6. Isaac Kizito says:

    He’s the man of, not only Uganda, but the World. When I had just joined Christ’s Heart in 2015, I thought I new great stuff in christianity. But the things he taught and preached to us showed me I knew very little and I had stagnanted in the christian journey


  7. Simon Nimusiima says:

    We are blessed as a nation and a generation to have a man of reputation with a heart after God who has given his life to teach and mentor a generation. This is indeed one of the many prophecies he has as a prophet of God declared and has come to pass and we are still counting. Perhaps you should seek info on the recent spread of locusts in Africa and his declaration and prophecies regarding the same, just in case you’re interested in more of his prophetic ministry.


  8. Emmanuel Tegu says:

    Yes He is a Man of God, and My Spiritual father…He has been prophesying accurately for the last 30 years


  9. Nandaula Maria says:

    May God bless you Bishop Isaiah Mbuga


  10. Kobumanzi says:

    He is an authentic and realistic man of the word! A father who shows not just his victories but scars too attained in his journey! You do well to pay attention to his words!


  11. Carol says:

    So many sheep on these posts 🙄


  12. deekibz says:

    Bishop Isaiah is a true Prophet and genuine man of God. His vision is to mentor apostolic leaders for generational impact… I have learnt a great deal sitting under his teachings.


  13. Hazel Nakato says:

    I really bless the Lord for Bishop Isaiah Mbuga in this generation


  14. Dr. Blater William says:

    It’s high time men knew that God still speaks. Bishop Isaiah, may the Lord uphold you.
    Men must learn to be humble and to resist all forms of pride because it precedes a fall.
    Blessed is a man who heeds to God’s instruction.


  15. Ayese John Bruno says:

    I was there when this was prophesied and am a witness to this. and many other things prophesied in this message have actually happened, my wife gave birth in about 30 minutes last year and it’s now I realise this had been prophesied years back, to God be the glory. 🙌


  16. Edward Ssempala says:

    This generations need to hearken to the voice of God in this season like never before, thanks to our Bishop Isaiah. I honor you papa and a glad to having sat under your mentorship for these 6vyears now.


  17. Owayesu says:

    We thank God for Bishop Isaiah Mbuga. Diligence and consistence is what defines him. He is also a very humble man.


  18. Rev. Ssempijja Fred says:

    We give all the Glory to God.


  19. Adrian Kiiza says:

    Who says there are no prophets in this era? They are well recorded in the Holy books, God has never stopped using them to communicate to His people! Let us heed to the call and repent our sins so Jesus saves the world in our times.


  20. Jaque says:

    I love my Bishop , his words never fall of the ground.
    We are blessed to have him in this generation.
    #Raising Apostolic Leaders


  21. Wanyanga Gerrard says:

    Bishop Isiah Mbuga well I knew him through a friend who told me about him and Apostle Grace lubega I may not be able to know much about him but for the time I have been in Christ’s heart Church,he is that man of God who never seeks for human recognition but he obeys the voice of the Holy Spirit, thanks for your messages Bishop God be with you and your family always


  22. Samuel Nsiko says:

    The prophesy is very true. But the issue is not the trueness of the prophesy but whether men believe that God still speaks.


  23. Samson Novy says:

    A prophet God gave us in this World


  24. Pr. Stephen Wanyama, of Dunamai Church Kasangalabi. says:

    I am forever greatful to God for leading me in 2016 to be pastored by this great man of God, Bishop Isaiah Mbuga. He is one man i know who has sacrificed his life and all he has to faithfully serve God.
    Thank you for pioneering a pattern.


  25. Joel says:

    He is a man of God. He is a father and a son who listens and teaches the word of God. He is our spiritual Father. I bless God for him


  26. Moses Kyagulanyi says:

    Threre’s my Dad. My role model and mentor.


  27. Christabel Tusiime says:

    Thank you so much for Ministering Bishop Isaiah Mbuga. May God continue to use you for the Glorification of His name🙏🏼


    1. Kusaasira William says:

      He is a Man of God inside out and a father to our nation we are blessed to have him in our generation.


  28. Kabona Edith says:

    I bless the Lord with all my soul,for such a prophet like you bishop in this generation am in. Am truly assured and I know that you are a vessel of God.


    1. Mbazaki fedheresi says:

      Glory and Honour be to God
      Blessed be the name of Jesus forever
      For The Lord God good to us He has blessed us with him
      God protect him and hold him till he enters your holy home where we shall stay forever worshiping and praising our God forever 👏


  29. Ndenga Medi says:

    I know that you are used by God


  30. Ahimbisibwe Joseph says:

    He is the man of God we have in Uganda and in this generation, the words he speaks in the name of Jesus have always proved true, his prophecies are notable, undeniable and true, not seeking own glory but drawing men to Jesus, and knowing the truth. We are blessed to have you , man of God


  31. Nimaro says:

    No more comments



    He is a gift from God to our generation


  33. Asiku Roy Alia says:

    We thank God for men like our Bishop who lay their lives down for the welfare of others. We shall forever be grateful for all you have done for us.


  34. patricia ndyona says:

    Father lord Jesus we thank you for bishop Isaiah Mbuga Kamoga.💪
    Uganda is a disease free zone and it has solutions to the word .O pearl of the world,Africa .Don’t get surprised when Uganda gets the vaccine 😜.I see miracle healing.


  35. phiona joyo says:

    He is a true prophey. A man of the word of God and who desires to see a generation transformed and turn back to the true master, Jesus Christ. He is indeed a man of God. We bless the Lord for you Bishop


  36. Kaziba Yowasi says:

    Yes he’s my Bishop, I have followed him closely for about 5years now and I serve in his ministry, he’s a man of God indeed,we have seen many of his prophecies come to pass with one of the most recent ones about Locusts
    We thank the Holy spirit for revealing him all those things before they come to pass

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Opolot Emmanuel says:

    The prophecy of Bishop Isaiah is true I am a follower of his ministry and church.


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