MOWZEY RADIO, The Legends 4Th Death Anniversary..

By Adam Bukenya Updated on SUN 06 FEB 2022.

Rest in Power Mowzey Radio… 1983-2018

Fans, family and friends were this time able to gather in Kagga for Mowzey Radio’s fourth death anniversary

This was not possible in the last two years due to the Covid-19 lockdown, but this time, the anniversary was attended by a few fans and some artists that included;

Ykee Benda, Messach Semakula, Spice, Diana, Karole Kasita, Jamie Culture and John Blaq were some of the few artists that graced Mowzey Radio’s fourth anniversary.


Most fans took turns miming Mowzey Radio songs, others had his signature goatee beard and dreads. 

Mowzey Radio songs were playing from back to back right from the eve of the anniversary for the revelers who spent the night.

The Mowzey Radio mausoleum has been painted with camouflage colors which was more or less his signature attire. It should be recalled that socialite Bryan White was behind the completion of the Kagga house and the mausoleum construction.

In the compound, you could not miss his black Jaguar that was strategically parked with alloy reams and a white interior, this was the ride he was cruising during his final days.

Uganda’s beloved singer died five days after his birthday in 2018, so it has been a Mowzey Radio week on TVs and Radio stations with close friends and fans sharing highlights of his last moments and memories.

Weasel summed it up this way;

“He sung about Bread, Butter, Leaves, Time, Kuku, Juice, Love, Pollination, Streets, Magnets, Mothers, Mama, Vuvuzelas, Money, Colours, Sugar, Corruption, Drugs, Dagala, Heart Break, Heart Attack, Mary Jane etc Moses The Great rooted from the River Nile.

Mowzey Radio was behind songs like: Ability, Zuena, Nakudata, Magnetic, Bread and Butter, Potential, Bikoola and many more.

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