Eight civilians dead after shelling hits district, says Mayor of Kyiv district

By Adam Bukenya updated at 2316 EAT

Eight civilians were killed in the midst of an evacuation in Irpin — a district west of Kyiv that saw intense shelling on Sunday — the mayor of Irpin Oleksandr Markushyn said in a statement on Telegram Sunday. 

Markushyn said Russians opened fire during an evacuation across a bridge. 

“A family died,” he said, “in front of my eyes two small children and two adults died.” 

Video from the scene showed civilians moving through the checkpoint before an explosion occurred at a crossroads that appeared to be caused by a shell or mortar. 

“Irpin is at war, Irpin has not surrendered,” Markushyn said. “Part of Irpin was indeed captured by Russian invaders, but part of Irpin is fighting and not surrendering.” 

Markushyn said another evacuation would begin tomorrow morning. 


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