I feel built, prepared for more challenges; Hudu Hussain on his transfer to Yumbe.

By Adam Bukenya updated on 2217 EAT

The newly-appointed Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) and their deputies yesterday welcomed their appointment by President Museveni saying they are ready to serve the country.
Mr Museveni on Wednesday appointed 147 RDCs and 163 deputies one year after he made similar changes in 2021.
However, the unique aspect in the new list is that the President appointed majority of the youths. 

Mr Emmanuel Businge, who has been a long time National Resistance Movement (NRM) mobiliser in the Rwenzori Sub-region, was appointed the deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Fort-portal Central Division, Fort-portal City.
“We promised to secure the future of Ugandans and I would like to be part of that journey. I thank the appointing authority for having trust in me to serve Uganda,” Mr Businge said  yesterday.
Asked about the appointment of young turks, Mr Businge said the NRM has managed to outlive generations and maintained a very large support base because of its inclusion system of governance which involves identification of young cadres.

Reward for hard work
Mr Hassan Kasibante, one of the NRM youth strategists in Kampala, said his appointment shows that President Museveni appreciates and rewards those who work hard.
He was appointed RDC of Obongi District.
“I have been executing government work for so many years and I have performed so well. I am happy that the President noticed my exploits,” Mr Kasibante said.
The President also appointed Journalist Mike Ssegawa as deputy RDC for Jinja South Division in Jinja City.  
“It is a pleasure to work with the people of Jinja City again. I first worked in Jinja City in 2011 as a journalist and now I am grateful to the President for giving me the opportunity to champion his manifesto in tourism, industry, agriculture and trade,’’  he said yesterday.

Kampala City changes
Mr Hudu Hussein, who was transferred from Kampala to Yumbe District as RDC, noted that he was prepared for more challenges.
“It has been a challenging experience, I feel built and prepared for more challenges, Yumbe District, here I come, ready to work. Security and service delivery,”  Mr Hudu said in a tweet.
As Kampala RCC, he controversially clashed with politicians several times over what the latter called ‘unpopular’ directives.
However, he maintained his stance on monitoring government programmes and implementing security strategies in the city. Mr Hussein has been replaced by Ms Amina Lukanga.
The president also appointed commissioners who will be based at the RDC secretariat in his office. 

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