Police detain suspect filmed pouring melted plastic on man tied with barbed wires.

By Adam Bukenya updated at 2120 EAT on Tuesday 05 April 2022

Police say they are holding the suspect who was filmed in last week’s viral video burning another man with melting plastic.
In the disturbing video that went viral on social media, the victim was filmed lying on the ground, tied with barbed wires as his tormentor, donned in a yellow T-shirt with the NRM initials inscribed on the back, dropped burning plastic on his half naked body.

The victim in the video was later identified by police as 40-year-old Brian Njuba, a plumber and resident of Lungujja in Rubaga Division, Kampala who was lured from his workplace to a guest house in Ggaba from where he was tortured. 

Police spokesperson Enanga Fred

Police said the suspects had contacted Njuba masquerading as clients after they picked his phone contacts from one of the posters pinned near his workshop.
On reaching Ggaba, the suspects directed Njuba to a guest house room from where he was grabbed, tied with barbed wires and burnt with melting plastic.
Police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga said, using several techniques, detectives from the Crime Intelligence Division tracked and arrested one Abdurahman Wejuli.

“He is one of the prime suspects behind that viral video. We used our advanced surveillance techniques to track and arrest Wejuli from Lugazi. Upon a search at his home, the phone of the victim was found. The sim card and the yellow T-shirt written on NRM which was captured in the video were also recovered,” Mr Enanga said.
The police spokesperson noted that during the operation, one Mastullah Namaganda, a receptionist at the guest house where the incident happened, was also arrested.

He said that the receptionist is the one who booked the suspects and allowed them to use her phone to call and lure Njuba from Lungujja to Ggaba.
“We established that the suspects used her phone to lure Njuba to the guest house. She further directed him (Njuba) to room number six from where he was tortured. We are continuing to track the remaining suspects because we believe there are more,” Mr Enanga added.

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