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HICGI News Agency announced a major hunt for U$ 14.5 Billion in quest to join Global Media Powers.

While in Doha, Qatar May 2022, 1st Director of the company, Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin announced that HICGI News Agency will broadcast in 190 countries in more than 200 languages on TV, Radio, Digital, Print and online.

The company will have more correspondents in more places than any other media power. “We want to nurture new global leaders, businesses, end wars by promoting peace, culture and unity of the citizens of the world.” Kivumbi added.

Kivumbi is calling upon investors and donors into HICGI News Agency to pursue and attain this agenda. You can donate now to HICGI News Agency account no 1036202164834 in Equity Bank Uganda or email or Tel: +256713137576, +256200937566, +256773137566

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