IGP Gen Kale Kaihura Celebrate with Kivumbi Police 100 Years+

On 3rd Oct 2014 E K Benjamin published an article

Kivumbi Trail during 100 Years + Uganda Police Celebration


Today we bring you the pictorial of his close friendship with Uganda’s Inspector Gen of Police Major Gen Kale Kaihura Kalekyezi Museveni’s strong mighty right handed blue eyed man with Africa’s future President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin who was on VIP Invitation by the state. More than 13 IGP’s from 13 countries attended in person with so many other foreign dignitaries. President  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni approached where Kivumbi was seated and said hi during the function.

IGP Gen Kale Kaihura with Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin2

News reaching us on Namasuba Hill indicate that during the International Youth Day 2014 Gen Kale Kaihura gave 50 Dollars to Kivumbi and his fiancee Princess Namalwa Scovia  as a token to congratulate their relationship while in Kalamoja at Boma Grounds and latter given a police car to be driven back to Kampala.

Kivumbi and his fiancee bashed money on a private jet from Soroti Airport and there 4 days tour costed over U$ 800. See video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gQEnyac7TU They toured Mbale, Soroti, Kalamoja and other places in a romantic holiday. Their wedding is scheduled this 14th Dec 2014 & Introduction on 7th Dec 2014 Visit website on www.kivumbiwedsprincessnamalwa.webs.com 

In the Picture is Kivumbi, Gen Kale Kaihura, Kenya’s IGP, Presidential Guards, Body Guards, Presidential Police & Secret Service.

IGP Gen Kale Kaihura with Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin4 IGP Gen Kale Kaihura with Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin1 IGP Gen Kale Kaihura with Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin2

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