Video of Kivumbi Full Address on Burundi Coup Against Pierrere Nkrunziza

“We can’t afford to see Burundi perish like the world watched over
Rwanda perish in 1994….We shall send UPDF and paratroopers restore
hope to the Burundian people…. Nkurunziza should be given a
chance…”Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Former Kampala Central MP Aspirant
Full Address on the Situation  in Burundi following a Military coup
against President Pierre Nkurunziza who is seeking a second term of
office. In this address and audio podcast Kivumbi calls for peace and
stability as well as giving chance to the incumbent president to
finish his “2nd term of office”  And also  reminds the world the
unrest in Libya, Syria.. as a result of ousting leaders in protests
and coups and also warns foreign intrigue. Enjoy and share with

Kivumbi Speech on Coup in Burundi Against Nkurunziza - Copy (1) Hon kivumbi Earnest on Burundi Coup

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