Wealthy Ugandan Pastor Irene Manjeri Listens to Hon Kivumbi Earnest Prophecy on Uganda.

In an overnight held at Bethel Healing Centre Church Kajjansi- Kitende in Wakiso district Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin has made prophetic remarks  that left many wondering if he is a Pastor. When Senior Pastor and renown wealth christian leader  and crowd puller Rev Irene Manjeri gave him an opportunity alongside his wife Princess Scovia Kivumbi at around 2:00am Friday night; Kivumbi said that Uganda and Africa will raise as next super power.

Rev Irene Manjeri, Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia Kivumbi

“We have not only sent our  troops for peace missions in countries of Africa like Somalia, Central African Republic, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo but we have also sent doctors to West Africa treat Ebola and in Trinidad and Tobago. South Sudan rebel leader Riek Marcel has also confessed that if it wouldn’t be UPDF deployment in South Sudan, president Salvar Kir would be out of power.

Uganda is having many missionaries of the gospel in many countries under the sun like United States of America.” Kivumbi said amidst standing innovation of thousands of worshipers who were attending the overnight before the woman of God Manjeri embarked on her mission to Russia, Austria & United States where she has gone for preaching.

Kivumbi amazed many when he said that it must have been Uganda from where Jesus and Moses tested the waters of Nile since Jinja-Busoga is where the second longest river has its source and on this he added that Uganda will be a mother of revival and will hold the future of Africa that visiting preacher Prophet Felix Omondi from Mombasa re-echoed.

Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia Kivumbi                                         Hon Kivumbi with wife Princess ScoviaKivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia Kivumbi Princess Scovia Kivumbi & Chritianity Focus Church Busega PastorPrincess Scovia Kivumbi with Congolese Pastor at Bethel Church during Friday over nightProphet Felix Omondi at Bethel Healing ChurchProphet Felix Omondi from Mombasa preaching at Bethel Church.Ps Irene Manjeri, Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia KivumbiPastor Irene Manjeri listens to KivumbiPs Irene Manjeri, Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia Kivumbi

Pastor Irene Manjeri appreciating Kivumbi and wishing his success for Parliamentary elections 2016.

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  1. Augustine Tambekong says:

    I meant : The Lord is looking down on you all and an omission on Earnest (capital E, not e)
    Best Regards.


  2. Augustine Tambekong says:

    Very positive manifestations upon Uganda as envisioned by future MP Mr earnest Benjamin Kivumbi. The is looking down on you. Keep it up !!


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