4th Africa Regional Summit -Kivumbi Reporting Live in Nairobi at Hilton Hotel

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvTznH1f5eM The  4th Africa Regional Summit ahead of World Radio Convention in Geneva is in its second Day at the Hilton Hotel Nairobi, HICGI News Agency is broadcasting live from the heart of the Summit here in Kenya. In this Broadcast Delegates Speak to Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin about the Conference and their submissions. Several global companies and organisations also well-known like Facebook, ESOA, ALION, EUTELSAT, HUAWEI, GSMA, Multi Choice, Boeing, FCC, Inmarsat, Intel, Safaricom, YASMI, GEW, IARI, Airtel Kenya, GSM, BR, Access, ABS Satellite, OTIS, ASECNA, IARU, ARUB, EMEA, Rode & Schworz, Thales Alena  Space, ICAO, ATU-WR and many others are attending this convention which is also have represenatives and Ambassadors from countries around the world including United States of America, European Union, Common Wealth and many more. The Nairobi Convention organized by the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) powered by the Government of Kenya which begun Monday 20th– and will end on 25th July 2015.

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