His Touch Night with Hon E . K Benjamin at Pastor Irene Manjeri’s Church

Kivumbi at PS Irene Manjeri Church
Kivumbi at PS Irene Manjeri Church

His Touch Night with Hon E . K Benjamin

Friday Night 9/11 2015 was an incredible! I was privileged to have been dropped by my special friend Pastor Stephen Kawesa together with his wife of Yesu Akwagala Ministries and Seguku/ Kawempe Worship Center. God has blessed these people; they have branches in Lira, Arua, Soroti and so many other places. In theirTX Prado, they dropped me, my wife Princess Scovia Kivumbi& my mom Queen Esther Nasuna Favor.

I had sent a dozens of posts on my Whatsup No +256773137566, my Skype, Instagram, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social media about the Night I was to minister at the church of Pastor Irene Manjeri Katongole Nalongo a city Billionaire and Philanthropist in Kitende Kajjansi, Kitiko on Entebbe High way Wakiso District. This woman of God who operates in Miracles and Healing and has traveled more than 90 countries is roofing a 20,000 sitter church. This is soon becoming the biggest church in Uganda. Currently it’s Liberty Worship Center International in Lugala of Ps Imelda Namutebi Kula of 15000 people and Miracle Centre Lubaga of Ps Robert Kayanja of 12000 people and others follow like Christian Life Church of Ps Senyonga Jackson and Kansanga Miracle Center of Ps Isaac Kyobbe Kiwewesi.

More About Irene Manjeri

A few years ago Ps Irene Manjeri was able to pay millions of dollars to purchase Pride Theater where he hosts his daily Lunch Hour Fellowships in the Heart of Kampala. She’s the Lady with His Touch Program on 98.4 Impact FM of His Eminence Presiding Apostle Dr. Joseph Sserwada in Ndeeba, Lubaga. Every morning at 5:30 Manjeri wakes up the nation in prayer on this frequency and every month she travels more than 4 countries around the world. She broadcast her programs on European Union Televisions, Middle East and North America as well as here at Light House Television-LTV; This is how far God has blessed her. She’s one of the few citizens cruising Limozens with Personalized number plates, TZ Prados and Lexus. When I marveled at all this I told her you’re indeed a Billionaire, she simply answered “Hon you will be surprised as I don’t delight in all this, Ijust live a life of prayer and fasting, I don’t even sleep in my luxurious bed.On the floor is where I lay my head to connect with the heavens.”

She has donated more than 20 cars in the last 10 years and many times when she’s overseas her hosts pay luxurious hotels for her to stay. She testifies of having slept in U$ 7000 per night hotel!

Ps Irene Manjeri, Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia Kivumbi

She was called by the Lord at the age of 17 and Ugandans still have fresh memories of her ascending to heaven live (this is not drama) and having been visited by angels at that age in Eastern Uganda where she hails from. Her testimony is amazing! At the age of 45 God has used her in great anointing where the dead have risen back to life, the blind see, lame/ crippled walk and HIV Aids cured. She’s a simple and loving woman in spite of being this filthy rich.

Her ministry has attracted high profile people to flock in the church like EX VP Prof Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya, KCCA E.D Jennifer Musisi, State House officials, UPDF officers, Civil Servants and people from all walks of life.

Kivumbi Descends at Bethel Healing Center.

At 12:50am I arrived at the church and Ps Irene Introduced me amidst a cheering congregation. There was also a visiting Pastor known as Julius from Iganga Eastern Uganda who is constructing a 10,000 sitter church. We were taken to have dinner at the Prophets Chambers, a comfortable beautiful villa where s Irene’s overseas ministers find comfort and warm reception when they visit the church. The rest of the church also had dinner, some minister had given out a cow slaughtered and after dinner at 4:30am I was with much honor and gratitude welcomed on the Pulpit. Ps Irene Introduced me as a servant of God and an Honorable Politician and noted my visits recently in Nairobi with world’s giant companies and Billionaires who gathered at Hilton Hotel and other powerful luxurious Hotels in which I was representing Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP an NGO with Registration No 11158 under File No S.5914/11597 for the Africa’s Telecommunication Preparatory summit ahead of the World’s Communication Summit in Geneva in Nov this year.

Rev Irene Manjeri, Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia Kivumbi - Copy

I just didn’t know that this lady follows publication in the media about me and my blogs and email notifications. I have 1000 website subscribers and 8000 people on my emailing list just like US President Barrack Hussein Obama has one; am proud to receive his regular private and White House emails. My websites have high traffic with 10,000 people visiting them every month from all over the world.

Kivumbi on the Pulpit

Let me try to paint a picture of what took place that night. It’s unfortunate that all the recording devices and machines were down for you to experience but since I did Literature at A. Level and studied Law, I think I can make you feel it.

I lifted my arms in spectacular Worship and the entire church did along with me. I uttered the power and Mercy of Jesus and greatness of God in praise for a couple of minutes. My interpreter was just nice, Prophet Felix Omondi from Mombasa knows him because for the 3 times I went there with him, he appreciated that young man.

I preached from the book of Luke 8:43 about the woman with an Issue of Blood who had gone to different doctors for 12 years but with no help.Vs 46…and Jesus turned and said someone has touched me… The Holy Spirit revealed to me people with various issues in going on in their lives and I would call them to come because I would see them by the power of God. Prophecies started descending on me and as I began praying for the people; demons started fleeing and the Holy Spirit started shaking people with others falling down. I cast incurable diseases and sicknesses and broke the power of witchcraft. I anointedpeople with anointing olive oil and many wailed and tears coming out of them. I declared a new wave of financial freedom, prosperity, jobs to the jobless and husbands and wives to the singles. It was too much of me I just couldn’t believe what I saw that night in the 55 Minutes I spent on the pulpit.

Ps Irene commended President Museveni for bringing this country this far and the freedom of Worship he has engineered unlike the previous regimes.

Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia Kivumbi

Why a Politician like me?

Ps Imelda Namutebi Kula this week spoke in a message I recorded that I will upload and share with you. Her 1 hour sermon whereas has some senga message to the married couple was mostly dominated by serving God, and she said that every one of us must decide to serve God no matter what other things we do in life. Be it doctors, drivers, politicians and so on and so forth.

I interacted with her later and I persuaded her for a Press Conference which am still doing to rectify the on-going Media Dirty every day against her. Watch a Video of Pastor Imelda K Namutebi Not Illuminati which I shot at her church on Tue 15th Sep 2015.


I know there those supporting her to be quite but she confessed that there’s a lady in her church who has lost her hotel job after her bosses told her they can’t associate with someone going to an Illuminati Pastor! Many have also resorted to no longer going to church as they are not sure of who is now the right pastor following these publications. Should we continue keeping quiet and watch this victimization in the guise of silence? No no no, if we can have our preaching go for commercial shows on TV and Radio, why not a cheap Press Conference and a make one or two statements? Me, I will sponsor a Press Conference and give audience even on our websites for any pastor among these 700 who have been called illuminate, the same to Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda of Christianity Focus Centre and Proprietor of 93 Kingdom FM, he has promised free air.

America knows it, Media is power and that’s how it has succeeded. It’s not about us because for us we may not be bothered by the media but how about the body of Christ that is now like sheep wandering with no shepherd, many have resorted going back to their native religions, some now denied by their unbelieving husbands from going to church and many are celebrating. Come on fellow leaders this is not about us, the enemy is not targeting us but these Christians under us. Let’s think twice especially those who prefer silence, silence means yes.

Ps Irene Manjeri, Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia Kivumbi

My Christian life

The truth is many of you have known me in different angles and I have won a coat of many colours.it’s true that politics is where my name has been famous amongst other things I have undertaken like, Law, ICT, Activism, Humanitarian Projects some time in movies, Blogging, News Paper Articles and much more but there’s a generation that know me as a Pastor. Actually many people who host me on Radio and Television Talk show sense that pastoral trait in me. Ps Bweyinda my pastor recently told me that Obama has been successful because he grew up in church and preached and that when a preacher takes hold of a micro phone anywhere in any way, for us in our local language we say bogela nenyenje nezikunkumuka that they speak and even cockroaches drop down.

In 2004-2007 I had the biggest scripture union in country from the two secondary schools I attended. I was a Head Prefect at D.K Hill School on Entebbe Rd and a student Pastor at both D.K & Angel High School. I don’t know if there was an S.U where more than 1000 students would gather every Lunch hour and sometime in the evening in school main hall to pray. All this was my flock in fact many who are now scattered in various ends of the world contact me and say we thought you were going to continue with Pastoral work and be one of the most successful preachers in the country! I hosted men and women of God at that time like Ps Wilson Bugembe, Ps David Bweyinda, Ps Brian Muwanguzi, Dr. Tamale Ssali, Business Emperors and Musicians to speak to students, it was just powerful and my sister Zipporah Nalubega prefers me to being a Pastor than a Politician nevertheless I can’t run away from my ambitions of being a leader who hopes one day Africa will unite  and that I will sit on the highest seat but just like Ps Namutebi says, we must not shy away from serving God because in the book of Daniel the Bible says that those who lead many to righteous will shine like the stars for ever. You can’t serve God and you lack.

The recent publications that call me a pastor include Bukedde &The Observer News Papers. CBS FM star Kazibwe Sam also calls me a Pastor when am there for political Talk shows.

Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Precaher at Bethel Healing Center of Ps Irene Manjeri

In brief that’s what wanted you people know and also paint what took place on 9/11 last Friday. Now this date reminds of Terror attacks in United States in2001 during George Bush Jr Administration but I did terror attack also on the Devils Kingdom on Friday night.

Thanks Pastor Irene Manjeri for everything, me and my family bless you. Prophet Felix just made me laugh that am just your darling son. Okay….

Princess Scovia Kivumbi
Princess Scovia Kivumbi

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