“Big ups Russia for Syria Mission” HTP


About 11 days ago while preaching at Redeemed Church Masajja of Pastor David Bweyinda I prayed for peace in the Middle East and also asked God to bring to an end ISIL/ ISIS. Little did I know that Jehovah God had spoken to Russian President Vladir Putin to accomplish the Mission with Airstrikes in Syria. Last night CNN Amarnpour reported that Putin had intensified the operation aimed at restoring peace, democracy and stopping mass migrants with cruise missiles.

  • In this broadcast on behalf of Heal The Planet Global Organisation HTP we express support to Russia and also blame CIA for arming rebels to remove a Democratic leader Bashar Assad yet its America which lectures democracy to the rest of the world. Watch and share Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Address on Russia Coordinated Mission in Syria. We recommend that Russia descends in Iraq also since America is losing n miss using her superiority in the face of the world. http://www.healdeplanet.webs.com

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