Multitudes Bury Kampala  Preacher Kirabo Henry -R.I.P.          

“Ps Henry is only one  compared to millions who have perished in War-torn countries like Syria and Somalia. There people with wicked hearts who would love to see families weeping in conflicts and terrorist attacks. East Africa has seen it, we lost close to 90 Ugandans in 2010.

I understand President Museveni is in this region campaigning, we should remember that he has been key in defending the Sovereignity of this nation,  promoting peace and security. People of Busoga-we must vote wisely ahead of 2016 general elections…” Kivumbi Addressing Dozens of hundreds of mourners in Kamuli, Eastern Uganda at the burial ceremony of Pastor Henry Kirabo, youth Pastor at Redeemed Church Masajja of Ps Bweyinda David. 52 church members were present including the RDC of the area aswell as religious leaders, business people, students people from different walks of life gathered at Mzee Balilwa home in Busota Kamuli District.

Henry was hailed for uniting youth from different churches and preaching in schools. Born 23rd April 1989 the handsome young man died at the age of 26 on the Christmas eve at Mulago National Referral Hospital. His sickness was of superstition as doctors couldn’t see it even after retrieving a sample fruid from the back bone. He had earlier been diagnosed of malaria which turned cerebral and other complications. In November this year he successfully organised a Red Carpet Conference with the help of Ps Bweyinda that saw hundreds of youth turning up. See poster below:


Prof Simeon Kayiwa’s condolence message of Namirembe Christian Fellowship read by Dr Elizabeth one of the deceased’s aunt regreted the death of the young man of profound charisma.

In his speech, Henry’s brother a minister at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Center Cathedral in Lubaga refuted Kivumbi’s statement that the devil has snatched the young man’s soul by saying that the devil had no authority on human soul. Now that is another debate about premature death and weather Satan could have hand in some one’s death.

Immaculate Hope Favor Henry’s sister from Pastor Irene Manjeri’s Bethel Healing Center Church in Kitende Entebbe Rd spoke to HICGI News Agency privately and said she had submited a picture of Henry to the Church leaders to be prayed for this was after Kivumbi ‘s mom fell on the casket and asked Jesus in tears  to return the young man’s soul , whose body remain laid in a casket silent though just asleep in a blacksuit and white shirt. Kivumbi’s mom Esther Nasuna Favor an elder of the church spoke silently that Pastor Manjeri needed to be around and resurrect him but latter while speaking to the mourners  quoted the book of Daniel that says those who lead many to righteousness shall shine like the stars forever and she added that Henry is now shinning in heaven for having been a preacher of the word.

Henry has also been an interpreter of Ps Bweyinda following Kivumbi’s stepping down on that assignment when he actively joined politics in 2009.

In a publication on Heal The Planet Global Organization – HTP, Peter Matson Mulindwa the HTP Executive Coordinator says that “Am so sorry for the suddenly death of our young comrade…though I did not know him, but the fact that he was a man of God and he dedicated his life serving christ, that is already a commitment which cannot be dealt with loose…we continue to pray for his family and all the congregation of Masajja redeemed church, Pastor David Bweyinda and all the pastrol Team…May God continue to strengthen you in these trying moments. ….PM Mulindwa” Also Director of operations at HTP.

Peter Matson Mulindwa
Peter Matson Mulindwa

Kivumbi on behalf of Pastor Bweyinda who is currently in Washington DC laid a flower on the casket alongside the wife Princess Scovia and Joan Pastor Henry’s special friend who was commended by the relatives for nursing Henry in the hospital for more than 3 weeks, the young woman was in much shock, she had earlier led the entire church in a fast of 3 days for the deceased to recover.

The funeral mass was conducted by Protestant & Catholic Bishops.

HICGI News Agency will bring you video clips of the funeral and Kivumbi’s moving 7 minute Full Adress.

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