Key Issues in Kivumbi Audio Podcast in what he calls Tribalism in Uganda a Time Bomb.

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1-“Were On a Time Bomb, Tribalism Is A Trigger Of A Genocide In Uganda.”

2-“90% of Institutions Dominated by People From One Region …Even Those Not in this Position, Juniors Tend to be in Control of Their Bosses.”

3-Renews Demands for His Keys “I Think Am A Victim”

4- “Kenya Surprised us When The Post-Election Violence Turned a Tribal Factor, This Showed the Boiling Anger Inside The People When for Long Time They’re Subjected to Tribalism.”

5- “When His Excellency Visited Algeria the Other Day, About 48 of Ugandan Students On Scholarships there Apart from Being all Christians In a Muslim Country, They Were All Coming from the Same Region.”

6- “Previous Regimes were Toppled on This.”

7- “The Police List I Saw Had 50 Bosses From The Same Region.”

8- “The Kabaka Countrywide Riots Recently Showed How People are Not Happy.”

9- “I Have Also Heard of Tribalism Amongst Opposition Cliques.”

10- “If Were a Christian Government, Why Should we be Silent about This Time Bomb?”

11- “Am Yet to Find out if Main Stream Media Is Not In this Position Too.”

12- “But I Still Love and I’ll Continue Defending My President.”

13- “Folks When President Habyalimanas’s Plane was Shot Down, We Saw a Genocide In Rwanda-Two Tribes Slaughtering Each Other. This Was One of the Worst Tragedies Humanity has Faced in History, We Must Not Allow This Senior Citizens.”

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