Uganda’s Journalist Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira Investigates Kasese Massacre.


A look at his 21 Questions.
 Also a Presenter of famous Daily Show on 107.9 Pearl Fm.

1-Why was the Omusinga’s palace at Buhikira attacked?
2-Why King Mumbere was arrested?
3-Who are the royal Guards?
4-Who trains the royal Guards?
5-How many people were at the palace at the time of attacking the Palace?
6-Did Mumbere defy president Museveni’s call before the attack?
7-What is the mystery behind the creation of the Yiira Republic?
8- What happened to the efforts to a peaceful dialogue between Obusinga and the central gov’t?
9- Did Muhoozi (commander of the SFC) order the attack on the palace or it’s the president himself?
10- Can Brig. Peter Elweru be charged for the hundreds of deaths in the Kasese?
11-Is this the end of the kingdom of Rwenzururu?
12-How Museveni’s creation of a new Kingdom (Budingya) in the region angered the Bakonjo
13-Can Mumbere survive the wrath of Museveni and be set free ?
14-Who are the Kirumiramutima militia?
15-What the real number of people that have been killed in the Kasese Crisis?
16-Who really is to be blame for this massacre?
17- Is it true that Kasese is paying for not voting NRM in the recent polls?
18- Who undressed the people that were killed in Kasese and tied their hands at the back?
19-Is there any way this can be referred to the ICC?
20- Could this be handled in a different way than was witnessed on 26th Nov.?
21-How doe the international community look at Uganda in view of this?

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  1. hassan bin musah says:

    WHAT IS HAPPENING IN UG NOW. the participants at one time will have to explain there side. no mater when


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