Behind Museveni-Kivumbi 3:00am Meeting-6 Years on; Wants to Meet The President Again.

kivumbi-earnest-benjamin-with-presindent-museveni-kagutaHICGI News Agency

Special Edition

Exactly six years today 12th Jan 2017 since Africa & Uganda’s most powerful and long serving Head of State Yoweri Kaguta Museveni gave remarkable audience to young politician Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin at State House Entebbe. Kivumbi then 21 years old was running for Member of Parliament Kampala Central on People’s Development Party-PDP Ticket of 3rd time presidential contender Dr. Abed Bwanika which party he was also serving as Deputy Spokesman and National Coordinator earlier.

Hon Mohammad Nsereko Zzake now serving his second term as Kampala Central MP spotted vocal Kivumbi amongst all the 6 six candidates including DP’s Eddy Yawe and 2006 Presidential Candidate Mohammad Kibilige Mayanja as the only one who would block his victory tempting him to contact his then ally President Museveni to sit down Kivumbi a move many Kivumbi’s followers around the world referred to as betrayal.

HICGI News Agency in this Special Edition interviews Kivumbi six years latter following the 3:00am meeting of 11th-12th Jan 2011.

Was it a gain or a loss? Take us also through the behind scenes and unveil the mystery surrounding this State visit with Mr. Museveni.

Kivumbi: It was a gain and as am about to share with you will realize so.

The following day  after meeting the President I remember CBS radio in its 9pm news bulletin ran my concession that indeed I had met President Museveni removing doubt from members of my campaign team, party and fans; days later State House unveiled pictures of my meeting with the President.

A night before this meeting, I appeared with Hon Nsereko & Eddy Yawe on Bukedde TV’s famous political show “Akabinkano”, a show that was widely watched by joyous fans many of whom gathered around screens at shops and streets as if they were watching Premier League finals. A survey was conducted as to who won the debate and it was in my favor as my articulation of issues on Kampala politics was far beyond the rest and proposing the best solutions made people shout whenever I would make a point, gesture and provoke the duo.

Blue eyed Nsereko never wanted to take chances and we both engaged in a discourse which the following night saw me and my team drive to Entebbe in a Land cruiser Prado offered to me by my friend and business man Najja Nsubuga Musoke Emmanuel. We drove to Imperial Resort Hotel as instructed thinking the President was there but latter we were asked to come to the State House.

A building none of us had never entered was in complete day like light that you would indeed spot a needle, The Entebbe State House is s so beautiful and magnificent that even Europeans yearn to visit and in the night, its wow!

Esther Nakagwa “not real name” attended to us for dinner in a living dining hall we were taken and 6 of the members of my campaign team I traveled with enjoyed whatever they would ask, took pictures and shared on Facebook as well as made phone calls to friends and families to tell them about the presidential reception they were being offered on red-carpet. My mind however was anticipating to sit with the man I have been challenging on radio, TV and in newspapers for years until security officials came for me at 1:00am saying the President was ready to receive me.

To be honest when you approach Mr. Museveni however tough you can be like Dr. Kizza Besigye, it’s so possible that you can become speechless and begin trembling, this is the kind of fear enveloped around Museveni when you happen to meet him. And how could I not experience such a thing? In the same living room I had seen on TV from where he hosted Queen Elizabeth II and Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is where I was led. It’s as big as the Kampala Sheraton/ Serena Hotel Lounge and there I sat next to him with no guards or aides-me and him alone. He shook my hand and I felt like he released something special and supernatural inside my blood veins, I felt so calm and possessed yet so inspired and joyous.

And what did you talk about?

I shared with him about my political career and my dream about Africa. I realized he is a good listener and he shared with me stories I have never seen the media report about him. He is so calm and friendly.

I gave him a copy of a DVD of my Nomination Trail and later I told him I came with a delegation and requested that he meets the team which he agreed- lifted his hand and a body guard came and they spoke in Swahili which I didn’t know but the team came and it’s like the meeting started again. He asked my mother where she was when they were fighting and she answered was with the late grandpa Jaaja Elkanah Ssserubugo.

The then Principle Private Secretary Ms. Grace Akello now Uganda’s Ambassador to Italy joined the meeting and was instructed to handle my young brother Brian Ssenkungu for studies in any university of his choice around the world. Several members of my team made some personal requests to him.

He held my sisters baby Caleb Turyamuhikazipporah-baby-caleb-t-m7 in his hands and asked for an envelope from his guards which he gave to Caleb calling him my muzukulu. I requested him for a group picture which he Okayed and asked his senior photographer to take pictures.

I told him I had sold my house for campaign and that he could do something about it as well as a post for me in his government which he agreed and called Hon Nsereko, instructed him me to meet me the following day in the morning to settle all that.

Did you get these things?

Not yet and it’s the reason I want to meet him again. In spite of my plight on the matter, some of the people he has instructed even in writing to handle several of the things he promised haven’t and it’s the reason at my 25th birthday in May 14th 2014 I held a Press Conference at Subway restaurant in Kampala and I demanded for the keys of the office H.E had given me in the memos that followed latter. I have however gotten some things for stance in 2014 Dec I received some money which helped me on my wedding & introduction from State House and in Nov 2015 he made a directive for my further training and am pursuing BJMC on weekends at one university here.

In August last year I invited him to preside over The 1st Top 100 Pastors Retreat under Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP a registered NGO I lead and he didn’t hesitate to commissioning us a messenger Hon Prof Ephraim Kamuntu Minister of Tourism, Culture and Aquatics who delivered his Speech and made a cash donation towards the arrangement of the function at J & M Hotel Bwebajja. That touched me and I came to know in spite of my grumbling somehow he knows and remembers me and possibly even the promises he made will be fulfilled but again I have this feeling some time imagine probably he released the money for the house and campaign expenses that following day I met him and Hon Nsereko he instructed to see me possibly…. I just don’t know yet still I don’t want to speculate and for the job post the person he directed to do it in a memo Sep 2012 should do it.

I don’t regret meeting “Sevo” as I always refer to him, I continue to pray for him, defend him daily in the media and also run several programs under Heal The Planet Global Organisation am pretty sure he is proud of. These include, I Am A journalist, An initiative we started to bring together and fight for the welfare of Journalists around the world, International Pastors Fellowship that brings together Pastors around the world in unity, love and peace, Senior Citizens a Program for Uganda that brings together senior citizens no matter which political parties they belong to discuss national and international issues & HTP Gommer Project to rehabilitate sex workers back in the normal society among others.

On the issue of reclaiming the African Dream which I shared with His Excellency, I have been able to communicate with some African Heads of State and some have begun responding and my Book also Assassination of The Icon, Dreams from My Father Col Muamar Minyer El Bin Gadaffi which am publishing soon is an eye opener on the responsibility we have as a nation and continent to pursue the African Dream.

Sure, I want to meet President Museveni as I have written a letter this week for the unfinished business and for the planned HTP 200 Top Africa’s Pastors Retreat 2017 in which we want US President Elect Donald J Trump to grace it. I hope my meeting with Mr. Museveni will be arranged soon.

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