I am A Pakistani-Journalist Anwar Sajjat

Sajjad Anwar (5) Proud at be a Pakistani. I am a Pakistani and my passion is journalism.

Why I am writing this story?

First of all , Its important I tell world .  The History of Pakistan is tainted with problems but we have brave people to deal with such  problems.

Many countries  don’t want Pakistan  on world map but I want to to inform them that Pakistan  is not for enemies. Many countries make and create problems in the success of my beloved country. Now my country is at the way of progress and at the way of success. May be some people dont like my words but our big success is cpec (China Pakistan economic coridoor ) . This project is the way of success for pakistanies. And enemies of Pakistan don’t like this. At the international level many survey companies research about the progress of Pakistan and they write huge reports about the success of Pakistan . In their reports  they refer to Pakistan as upcoming and progressive country by 2020. Pakistan Army is number one army in Asia . “And number four best Army of the world.” (Not true) When enemies of Pakistan were making the disturbness in the face of Secret agents in the face of Taliban in the face of friendly enemies ) in the way of success of my Pakistan, the time Pakistan Army start an operation in Deffence for Pakistan zarb e azab and finish the enemies at early operation zarb azab then enemies run away in Afghanistan and terrorism end in Pakistan . That time Pakistan has Army chief General Raheel shareef as chief of army staff . After the retirement of General Raheel shareef in these days Pakistan has one other brave General Qammar Naveed Bajwa as a chief of army staff. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr . Nawaz shareef and chief of army staff General Qammar Naveed Bajwa wants Pakistan as a calm and success full and progressive country in future. And the’re making this with their better efforts.

Now I am coming back at my real topic. Am proud of Pakistan. Why Pakistan is special ? Pakistan has beautiful people, Pakistan has beautiful languages, Pakistan has beautiful historical background, Pakistan has beautiful culture, Pakistan has beautiful places like Switzerland and other countries. Pakistan has good 4 seasons . Pakistan has big agricultural area. Pakistan has best players of the world of every play. Pakistan has sincere and loving  peole of hospitality. Currently Pakistan is facing terrorism problems all over the country . Now we have international guests in our country and waiting for more other guests for hospitality . That’s the reason I have pride in my country, my country, politicians and Pakistan Army because am happy for my people.

Big ups Pakistan army .

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Writer is a Pakistan Journalist

Name: Sajjad Anwar
Email: sajjadanwar.299@gmail.com
Phone: +923347778698

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  1. sajjad anwar says:

    Thanks to my all friends. I am feeling proud at this I am too part of hicgi news agency.


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