Anger, Agony, Ira, Choler as Uganda Deputy IGP is Gunned Down-RIP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Disturbing images please be aware.

Uganda Under Attack?RIP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Bodaboda Assassinations in Uganda.

  1. Sheikh Abdul Karim Sentamu Apr. 2012
  2. Sheikh Abdul Jawali Sentunga Aug. 2012
  3. Sheikh Yunus Abubakar Mudungu Aug. 2012
  4. Hajji Abubaker Kiweewa Jun. 2012
  5. Sheikh Dr Abdul Kadir Muwaya Dec. 2014
  6. Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga Dec. 2014
  7. Sheikh Ismail Ssebugwawo Jan. 2015
  8. SPSA Joan Kagezi Mar. 2015
  9. Abdul Rashid Wafula May 2015
  10. Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya Jun. 2015
  11. Major. Sheikh Muhammad Kiggundu Nov. 2016
  12. AIGP Kaweesi Mar. 2017

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