South America Greatest-Jon Montalban Next Hit is in Luganda


“When I first heard of his music while driving in United States I said can it be possible to meet this man?” Asked Pastor David Bweyinda of Redeemed Church Masajja who has recently hosted Jon M in a mega crusade on Busabara road following there meeting in America.

“Leeka Omwoyo wa Mukama Aake” a Luganda phrase meaning Let the Holy Spirit Come is the song that has lately pulled crowds as Jon  Montalban ministered in a gathering seen lifting eyes in worship and wondering who is this white man singing in the Kabaka’s language as though born here!

News reaching our desk has it that Jon is already in studio recording the song as official album with the video and but this hit is ganna be mileage for Luganda which has penetrated globally with facebook and google taking it recently.

Jon has a great following on Youtube and his music is cherished by people from all walks of life.

Ps Bweyinda

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