Tribute to Fallen God’s General Pastor Nakafeero Noelina Zelubabel

Trinute to Pastor Nakafeero Zelubabel Noelina

HICGI News Agency

Audio Clips from Special Announcements on Akabozi, CBS of fallen God’s Gen Ps Noelina Nakafeero Sifa Zelubabel. All Christian Media outlets Impact FM, Kingdom TV/Radio, Innerman FM and others have been running coverage of the demise of Ps David Bweyinda & Betty Namaganda’ mother.

HICGI News Agency has special coverage coming up of word by word of God’s Generals who came to eulogise the deceased at Redeemed Church Masajja and Ndeeba Victory Church.

Last night in Masajja Presiding Apostle His Eminence Dr Joseph Serwadda, Ps Isaac Kyobbe Kiwewesi, Ps Patrick Makumbi, Bishop Grivas Musisi, Bishop Sebyala, Commander Kaloli Charles spoke passionately about a woman well lived with a legacy. Dr Abed Bwanika, Bishop David Kiganda, Bishop Charles Tumwine, Ps Franklin Mondo Mugisha and other City Pastors demystified her contribution towards shaping an nurturing talents in ministry.

Born on 2nd Jan 1949 to Late Donozio Bweyinda & Late Solo me Kaseera, Nakafeero has also left behind other 4 children.

Bogere Experito, Dr Kasozi Gabriel a chemist from Miami Florida and a Senior Lecturer at Makerere University, Jjemba Moses a Business man & Esther Najjemba a Computer Wizard in Boston Massachusetts.

Her testimony began as a successful Matooke seller at Buduka Mukaga until the coming of Rev John Obiya from West Africa in 1988 who in a miraculous move operated her belly with a hand in broad day light and removed a live scorpion which was end of a deadly witchcraft spell purportedly inflicted on her. The healing miracle according to long serving pastors is what triggered Nakafeero to get saved and turned into a preacher.

She took her 6 old son by then David Bweyinda and played a piano while singing in Kiyembe, Old taxi park, owino and Nakivubo bridge. Bweyinda turned into a sophiscated weapon that saw him record songs like Biligwawo, Mujje mulokoke and latter Gologosa oyina ekitibwa and others. When Bweyinda’s sister married to Robert Senyonga that’s when the country experienced a new wave in gospel music.

Ps Nakafeero in 1997 met with H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Lwakitula who had sent her a chopper from Masajja. According to sources within corridors of power it is said that Nakafeero prophesied 10 accurate things that Museveni has witnessed happening and by the time she died on Sunday Evening 10th Dec 2017 she had spoken to young politician Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin to secure an appointment with Museveni for another prophecy and showed Kivumbi a book which she has been recording all prophecies unfortunately she breathed her list while being taken to Nakasero hospital.

Former VP Gilbert Bukenya and fallen Museveni’s Ministers  Wapakabulo, Francis Ayume , Eliya Kategaya and others are some of the people Nakafeero gave periodical prophecies.

Nakafeero has been the founder of Redeemed Church Masajja and 4 months ago she was among delegates for the Top 500 East Africa Business Summit & Pastors Retreat organised by Heal The Planet Global Organization- HTP.

She has received multiple awards in recognition of her outstanding legacy and contribution towards revival in Uganda.

In 2002 Nakafeero shook dozens of states in America when she went as a seasoned preacher and a singer.

More than 2000 people including Bishops from USA, UK and others are expected to bury her in Kanabulamu, Lukindi Kyotela today Tue 12th Dec 2017 at 4pm.

The deceased had cases of high blood pressure and diabetes according to Pastor Bweyinda.

RIP God’s General Nakafeero S Noelina Zelubabel .

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  1. Reblogged this on HICGI News Agency and commented:

    Last Night but one I returned from 192 Miles Uganda Tanzania Boarder from Burial of a Woman I have Always Cherished. I spent 24 hours in Kanabulemu-Kasenselo to reflect on the legacy of Ps Nakafeero Zelubabel Noelina, you will always live inside us.


  2. From: King Theron Preston Washington I(America)

    My condelonces GOD bless her. King TPW.


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