Gen Bilalo, Hon Bahati & M7 Aide close Bishop Kiganda 2018 Ministers Conference.

The 28th Annual Ministers’ Conference organized by Christianity Focus Centre Mengo Kisenyi of Bishop David Kiganda has been concluded by city pastors, international guests and government officials.

In his preaching Former Presidential Candidate and bush war hero Gen Benon Bilalo has shared about faith. From the words of the Scripture Hebrews Chapter 4, describing faith as a substance of things hoped for and invidence of the invisible, he has enlighted pastors and ministers from several churches about the canal mind, conscience and sub conscience mind governed by the spirit stating that medical researchers have confirmed that once the subconsciousness belives in wealth or healing even if one is dying, the body will begin releasing healing!

Citing his very personal experience he has disclosed that after elections he was flown to India after discovering that his internal organs including kidneys and liver had been eaten up by cancer. 7 month battling the incurable disease the doctors told him to go and die as there was nothing else to treat his cancer.

On the dying bed  Bilalo says he asked doctors to continue trying to save his life but eventualky accepted that if there wasnt anything else its okay he could die. A few some time his subconscious told him “can’t God heal me?” Of which he asked the Almighty to do so.

Gen Bilalo says he is now a living testimony and that his normal health was restored and that he can do anything now.

Closng his sermon, Bilalo encouraged believers never to lose hope but apply faith at all times.

Special Private Secretary to President Museveni Malcom Isaac Bulamu who also spoke to the congration called upon believers to pray for Uganda.

During the lunch beffet Ps Cindy & Bishop Kiganda served the special guests at the Kingdom Tower; Heal The Planet Global Organization President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin asked Gen Bilalo if he would work with Museveni Government- Bilalo answered “negotiations would involve my Political Farmers Party.”

Kivumbi Also shared testimony with American Prophet Michael A Price who three years ago prophesized to him in the same conference about what God is doing in his life. The prophet disclosed a bigger post for him in leadership to which South African guest preacher who was on the dining also joking said to Kivumbi “Please serve first, you could remember me when you rich into your Kingdom.”

Finance State Minister Hon David Bahati also graced the conference along side several political and business leaders.

Bishop Kiganda with Malcolm (2)
State House official, Mr. Isaac Malcom Bulamu
Bishop Kiganda with Malcolm (3)
Ps Cindy Kiganda, Gen Benon Bilalo, Bishop David Kiganda & Malcolm Isaac Bulamu
Bishop Michael A Price 1
Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin, Bishop Michael  A Price and fellow guest from USA.
Gen Benon Bilalo with Kivumbi Earnest 1
General Bilalo with Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Gen Benon Bilalo with Kivumbi EarnestGen Bilalo with Ps Cindy n Bishop Kiganda (1)Gen Bilalo with Ps Cindy n Bishop Kiganda (2)

Malcolm Isaac Bulamu with Kivumbi
Malcolm Isaac Bulamu with Kivumbi

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  1. Wasike Godfrey says:

    Thanks for a good words,you always preach to a nation so may God bless u.


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