EX VP  Reaches out to M7 on Bobi Wine Court Martial Fate.

By HICGI News Agency

Kampala, Uganda


Prof Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya who served 9 years under NRM Government as Vice President and MP for Busiro North Constituency has in a rare move pleaded to his former boss to have incarcerated and emerging Opposition leader Ssentamu Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine “Ghetto President” to be released and spare him from facing Treason Charges.

The International Media including BBC have given varsity coverage to the 36 year legislator who is combining both music and politics to persue State House Power according to analysts.


Bobi’s Incacelation with some other Ugandan Legislators including Zakke Francis, Kassiano Wadri (newly elected MP for Arua Municipality following NRM diehard brutal murder Ibrahim Abiriga-RIP), Gerald Karuhanga and others  recently put business in Parliament on Standstill.

In his publication on Uganda Senior Citizens Platform founded by Heal The Planet Global Organization-HTP, Bukenya writes;

Heal The Planet Global Organization-HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu during 2016 Presidential Debate at Serena Hotel Kampala.

“I want to appeal to you Mr. President to take courage and forgive this young man Hon. Kyagilanyi. He may have caused atrocities but your kind heart can say forgive. I have known you for sometime and I know and believe you can consider my appeal positively. You recall our discussion with you after your swearing in ceremony 2006 at state house Entebbe regarding the terrible disruption of the event by Kizza Besigye. With you throwing stones to visiting heads of governments. I was hash but your golden heart forgave. ” Bukenya adds “I was humbled and had great admiration. Don’t take Kyagulanyi to a court martial please.

I have used this decent forum to appeal to you because I can’t reach you easily by phone.

May God guide you to the decision you make on my appeal.

Thank you sir.

Prof. Gilbert B Bukenya”.

Allies, Museveni & Bukenya at Katomi Kingdom Resort , Wakiso.

Analysts have it that Bobi Wine may be going through hell but this could be the best time for him to shine as in such storm was the rise of four time presidential contendant and long time  opposition leader Rtd Dr Waren Kizza Besigye Kifefe whose suffering in politics brought him on global platform and won sympathy from Ugandas as well South Africa’s Nelson Madiba Mandela.

It’s from this basis that with Bobi making Museveni or Besigye lose 4 by elections and now facing court Martial is a direct pass for him to attract more support and international attention, a good mileage for him.


Sources within State House allege that President Museveni will privately or publicly respond to his colegue Bukenya regarding this appeal.


Additional reporting by HICGI News Agency Team.

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