Counting Down 5 Days to UG 1st Senior Citizens Convention; HTP President Moving Appeal.

Senior Citizens, Ladies and Gentlemen we greet you all.
Time has come to reclaim the Dream of this continent; the and our Motherland for the future we want starts now.
Since we started arrangements for UG 1st Senior Citizens Convention a couple of months ago we have received blessings of men and women in high offices who believe that our destiny is inexicably tied with the right descisions we make today.
When we sit and dialogue on issues that concern us, we’re directly saying that let our children enjoy in peace and unity the land that our ancestors built in suffering and hardwork.

Today Wednesday we count 5 days to the Senior Citizens Convention scheduled 29th Oct 2018 this coming Monday at Twin Towers Conference office of the President/ OPM. I would like you to know that we have played our role as NGO alongside those who believe that great ideas and solutions come when parties meet.
Were continuing to engage men and women on this Tentative Program and we’re optmistic of the Results.
We have invited Associations like KACITA, Kwagalana Group, UNATU, Medical Flaternity, Uganda Law Society, Inter Religious Council of Uganda, Uganda Manufacters Association-UMA, NGO Forum, Rotary Clubs, AMF, Born Again Faith, Uganda Bankers Association, Uganda Musicians Associations, Uganda Journalists Association-UJA, Political Parties, Government Agencies, Cultural Leaders, Academia, Diplomats…the list is long.
The two Motivation Speakers from Ghana & Nigeria have arrived in the country and are ready to speak in the Convention ( Ap Obah Anderson Efemena & Ap Francis Osteen). Other international guests are coming from Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia and others.

We still reach unto you now, to take time and ask yourself , for the remaining years on earth, what have I or willing to do in order to be on the right and better side of history?
Whatever it is, please do it for the young ones we have and the future generation.

For God and my country.

Let us meet there this Monday and please print your invitation letter from

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
President Heal The Planet Global Organisation- HTP

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