Canadian Archbishop Leonardo Seeks Justin Trudeau Empathy on South American Migrants Heading to US Boarder.

A few minutes ago Canadian Archbishop Leonardo Marin Saavedra has posted on his social media acounts appealing to Justin Trudeau to rewrite history.

Leonardo believes that young and energetic Canadian Prime Minister can consider taking on the caravan of South American Migrants heading to United States inspite of Donald Trump’s hostile remarks against them.

“Tomorrow from Toronto city with the help of God I will be traveling to Mexico to meet the “Migrant Caravan” and Central American people.

First I will arrive to Ciudad Tijuana on the border with California. The Reverend Jose Alejandro Solalinde will receive me in Mexico City and representatives of the Mexican Government.

From there we will present to the Canadian government and our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a humanitarian project to move by air bridge to 30 thousand families who request refuge and who are fleeing from murders and violence in their countries.

I will post the photos events on my personal FB:

We need your prayers in Christ to achieve this purpose.

Thank you”

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