Munamasaka Cries Foil as his State House Funded Music Concert is Quashed by Jinja DPC; Sevo Eyes him for 2021 Busoga Mobilisation.


By Our Reporter.

Segawa Munamasaka (1)

Segawa Munamasaka (3)

As Uganda Electoral commission launched the Road map for 2021 elections on Tuesday 11th Dec 2018 in Kampala, long serving president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is due to seek his party’s flag for an unprecedented 7th time in the upcoming 2021 Presidential general elections.
DJ Sevo as he was popularly branded in 2011 is now recruiting a team that will see him win the elections and put the the likes of Kiiza Besigye and Mp Robert Kyagulanyi to the sword.

HICGI News agency has established that Munamasaka as he is popularly known amongst his fans in the Eastern region is to lead Museveni’s campaign team in Busoga a vast region of eleven districts which the opposition is dying to conquer.
Sources at state house have confirmed that Segawa has received blessings of the president with finances to do miracles in Busoga for the ruling party the National Resistance Movement.
On the weekend of 8th December, 2018 Segawa mobilized thousands of people at Bussedde playground in Jinja and rallied 120 Musicians under their umbrella Busoga Joint artists association to launch a campaign song for President Museveni
The concert was however disrupted by the Kakira DPC who claimed that munamasaka had not been cleared by the police.

Segawa Munamasaka (2)
Munamasaka Segawa 

“Cries Foil”

The DPC heavily deployed his boys and patrols who ordered the crowd that had come in their thousands to vacate the venue. The police confiscated heavy sound equipment and PA system which had been installed.
A one Isaac Malcolm Bulamu who had been invited to the function was seen busy making calls and trying to engage the OC and RPC of the regions but the pleas were turned down. Sources indicate that even the prime minister’s office also got to know about the issue but were told flatly that procedures had to be followed.
By the time the guest of honour arrived, Buyende Mp Hon Dhamuzungu who was representing Hon Mike Mukula NRM Vice Chairman for Eastern Uganda, people had left. He addressed the few people remaining without sound and launched the song and a donation of one million to the artists.
HICGI News Agency has reached out to IGP regarding turning down the event but the response remained the same quote ‘’ ‘’they did not follow the procedure’’.
We have also learnt that new guidelines have been issued for all concerts organisers to be cleared by the IGP which has also affected Hon Kyagulanyi AKA Bobi Wine planned concerts nationwide.
Munamasaka’s excuse is that in all previous events he has organised he has never written to IGP rather finalising everything with the DPC.

“Sevo Eyes Segawa Munamasaka for Busoga 2021 Election Mobilisation”

He adds that their objective is to unite artists in Busoga and rally support for President Museveni in 2021 elections.

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