United Nations Receives HTP Award as Kivumbi Calls on Trump and Russia to Act During UN Assembly for a Global Pact on Environment.

3rd Substantive Session of the Ad Hoc Open Ended Working Group Towards a Global Pact for the Environment. Photo by Natalia Mroz/IISD

Developing Story

By HICGI News Agency

193 Member States of the United Nations have converged with a call for urgent adoption of a Global Pact for the Environment at UN Headquarters-AF. The third and final substantive session of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group (OEWG) established by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 72/277 (“Towards a Global Pact for the Environment”) completed its mandate and adopted its recommendations to the UNGA, following its consideration of possible gaps in international environmental law (IEL) and environment-related instruments with a view to strengthening their implementation.

The final document, adopted by the OEWG around 1:30am of 23 May 2019 had earlier attracted tense debate and opposition particularly from Egypt, United States with Russia exerting pressure. Co-Chair Amal Mudallali, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Lebanon through out the day kept adjourning the sessions due to the stiff reactions from several member states and at given times small and medium groups would get in corners to come up with consensuses, negotiations, submissions and deliberations but after midnight the final document was adopted and  has three sections, setting out:

•             Objectives, including the reinforcement of environmental protection for present and future generations and strengthening IEL and environment-related instruments;

•             Substantive recommendations; and

•             Consideration of further work.

The OEWG asked UNGA to circulate its recommendations to UN Member States and members of UN specialized agencies and governing bodies of multilateral environmental agreements for consideration and action. The OEWG also recommends that UNGA forward the recommendations to the United Nations Environment Assembly for its consideration, in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations Environment Programme in 2022, with a view to strengthening IEL and environmental governance.

During the closing plenary, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) described political will as the most important gap and accused those countries most responsible for the planet’s ecological breakdown of attempting to “kill the process.”  Co-Chair captured the muted tone of the session when he responded by thanking the NGOs for helping to steer the ambition of the process, and acknowledged that the outcome was weak. Nevertheless, he said, it was based on consensus, and provides a first step in a continuing process.

Earlier the youth in France at La Sorbonne University, Paris under International Community of Legal Experts on Monday 20th gathered urging Global Leaders to take Action now!

Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin on Monday arrived at United Nations and was expectant to deliver a Historical Profound Speech aimed at persuading Governments around world to act urgently and firmly. In a video recording at the UN Compound  uploaded on YouTube on day 1 Kivumbi began appreciating UN for the opportunity extend to HTP to participate in this important meeting.

 Kivumbi accompanied by HTP officials Suzan Namukose Lubogo,  David Mukunye,  Mary Wanjiru Karanja &  Cecilia Wambui Karanja began lobbing top UN Officials for extensive meetings with more Senior Officials and on Wednesday it  was clear that an appointment was secured with Mohamed Atani, Head of Communication and Outreach- Africa Office who hails from Moroco. During the meeting with Mr. Atani, HTP President Presented an Award to United Nations and present was HTP Delegation. Atani on behalf of the UN Family received the HTP Award in appreciation of the Global body Mandate and initiatives aimed at Combating Climate Crisis and Conserving the Environment.

Mr. Atani accepted the Award and appreciated HTP for valuing UN efforts and he promised to continue cooperating with civil society like Heal The Planet in advancing UN Agenda on Environment.

Speaking on Wednesday afternoon inside  and during the UN Assembly, Kivumbi called upon United States President Donald J Trump as well as Russian Leader Vladimir Putin to act now. HICGI New Agency has received information that big International Cooperations including Pharmaceutical Companies are heavily funding Presidential Candidates around the world including United States to jeopardize efforts of Environmental Protection and also call Scientific Evidence tabled on Climate Crisis as “hoax”

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