Bishop Dr. David Livingstone Kiganda Honorary Doctorate of Divinity “You Deserve It Pastor.”-Editorial.

HICGI News Agency Team wishes to join believers of Christianity Focus Centre-CFC Mengo Kisenyi, Kampala, Uganda to congratulate Bishop now Dr. David Livingstone Kiganda upon being awarded Honorary Directorate of Divinity by American Theological College recently at Serena Hotel Kampala.

The city preacher has transformed the lives of people in once a hive of serial criminals engaging in murder, robbery, rape and prostitution to now a place of harmony and fear of God. The down town Kisenyi ghetto has been impacted by the lunch hour fellowship and preaching of Bishop Kiganda.

His daily broadcast on Ugandan Radios and Televisions in the last 2 decades is a source of spiritual revival, knowledge, hope and healing to listeners and viewers.

We therefore celebrate you man of God and congs!

HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin with Bishop Kiganda David Livingstone in one of the Previous Ministers’ Conference.

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  1. Ruth says:

    For Sure Pastor Kiganda when Gods timing come no one can stop it. Ha! shame upon the devil his plan to take away you life failed. May God grant you many many many years in Jesus; name Amen.


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