Archbishop Leonardo Weeps for Amazon; Says Terrorists have destroyed the Lungs of the World.

Toronto, Canada

Primate Archbishop Leonardo Marin Saavedra based Toronto Canada and United States of America has paid TRIBUTE to all the species of animals killed by the terrifying fire and voracious fire initiated by what he has termed as “deadly human terrorists crazy terrorists ” of the Amazon (Sanctuary and Lung of the World).

In an Interview with HICGI News Agency, the Venezuela born man of God has expressed pain on Amazon fires the the G7 summit has offered millions of dollars to tackle.

Archbishop Leonardo also sits at Heal The Planet Global Organisation- HTP Advisory Council.

Este es un HOMENAJE a todas las especies de animales muertos por el fuego aterrador y el fuego voraz iniciado por terroristas humanos mortales, terroristas locos del Amazonas (Santuario y Pulmón del Mundo).

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