Day 1 in New Delhi, HTP Boss Calls for Consensus on Land Reclaimation-Kivumbi also Warns Developing Countries.

New Delhi, India

On his arrival at Expo Mat Centre where 8000 Delegates of United Nations are convening for 2 weeks to tackle Draught and Combat Desertification , Heal The Planet Global Organisation – HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin has spoken to the local media and warned Developing countries on the crisis of Climate Change.

Kivumbi says drought is affecting growing of food leading to global hunger and food insecurity. Kivumbi has called upon Governments to reclaim land and use it for crop growing to feed the overwhelming population which is soon hitting 8 billion.

Kivumbi is acompanied by HTP Director Department of Public Administration & President Museveni’s Private Secretary Judith Obina Okumu Topacho aswell as HTP Chief Administrative Officer and State House Aide Suzan Namukose Lubogo.

HICGI News Agency will give you more updates from India on this Convention where Prime Minister Norendra Modi and more global leaders have made profound statements.

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