“Trumping Trumped Trump”Kivumbi Nairobi Campaign on Climate Change.

Climate Crisis! “We Need a President who Cares..,  ” Heal The Planet Global Organisation – HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin intensifies Plan to exert pressure on United States President Donald J Trump to Abort move of jeopardising efforts on Combating Climate Change.

In Nairobi Kenya,  Kivumbi now Appeals to United States Voters to decide on a president who cares about the future of the Planet by retaining him or not in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections.

” I am not interfering with internal democracy of a sovereign nation, but who doesn’t know that US withdraw from international pacts like Paris Climate Accord spear headed by the man currently in The White House is betraying the world? ” Kivumbi makes profound statement.

US President, Donald J Trump taking Presidential Oath

Kivumbi calls this campaign,  “Trumping Trumped Trump” as New Dictionary word to mean exerting more pressure on already pressured person for social  and political change.