UG Resorts to Bicycles as Traders making fortune from Corona Virus Crisis Arrested.

By our reporters.

Kampala, Uganda

The President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni new directive against hiking commodity prices has come into effect with local media reporting cases of some traders arrested.

Museveni riding a bicycle

In his address at State House in Kampala yesterday , Museveni expressed disappointment in traders who have taken advantage of the challenging times and exploited Ugandans with high food prices.

“Our food is produced here, nothing has caused prices of food stuffs to be hiked. The bananas we had yesterday are the same we have today, the maize we had yesterday is the same maize, so the crooks who are taking advantage of coronavirus to hike prices of foodstuffs anywhere in this country will be arrested and their licences canceled.

This is very unacceptable, we are going to send spies to pretend like they are buying and if they find you have increased prices of food stuff and essential commodities, we shall come for you.” Museveni said.

He added “For the rest of our people who are on unnecessary pressure to buy sanitizers, do not go for overpriced santizers, use soap because it works effectively too.”

He called upon the citizens to remember washing hands as many times as possible and self isolating if one has any COVID-19 symptoms.

Museveni also asked factories to start manufacturing bicycles as a remedy to public transport which is a threat to the spread of Corona virus.

“Most importantly, we should not panic, we shall defeat this virus the way we have defeated similar outbreaks like Ebola.”

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