Museveni Laments Corruption in his Government.

By Our Reporters

Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni continues to boil inside and losing patience over corruption eating up his government.
Museveni expressed agony while addressing the nation on Heroes Day at State House Entebbe; “Away from the COVID-19 pandemic, our biggest challenge remains corruption. This nonsense in public service and government parastatals requires a concerted effort and we shall defeat it. To hell with parasitism.” Museveni lamented.

During this “scientific” celebrations of the Heroes Day , whose theme focused on celebrating the selflessness of heroes who put country before self Museveni also remarked; “We celebrate our heroes on June 9th because on that day, in 1981, the Obote government executed nine of our supporters in Kikandwa Village, Nakaseke District. The day, however, symbolises our memory of all other heroes who died at different times.”

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He added that the success of their struggle as embodied by the martyrs of Kikandwa was based on appreciation of the cause, commitment to it and the discipline to execute that cause.

“Today, we are confronted by an enemy worse than the war of bullets that we fought. It is a biological war and the value of discipline cannot be over-emphasised. Without a cure or vaccine for Covid-19, it is our personal discipline that matters most. “ remarked President Museveni.

Museveni is disappointed as the country lockdown measures are softened Ugandans blatantly flout guidelines to combat COVID 19 spread. He said truck drivers were a big contributor to Uganda cases but the interventions his government took are helping reduce these specific cases.
He also promised that the distribution of government masks will start Wednesday and that he has asked the authorities to prepare hospital facilities to handle upto 40,000 cases if we Uganda gets there.

Fallen Ugandan Environmentalist Brig Gen Kasirye Ggwanga.

“To my comrades in the struggle, both living and departed (including Maj. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga who passed on this morning and Najwa Abbas who passed on recently in Sudan), the struggle continues and victory is certain.” Museveni said.

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