M7: Covid is a fault of humans – started in China, they say they ate bats; abomination!

By Viola Nabale, Entebbe Uganda.

Uganda First Lady Hon Janet K Museveni & H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni yesterday hosted the National Prayers for COVID 19 at State House Entebbe.

“I am happy that the religious leaders and my own views are now converging on the subject of humans taking dominion of the earth as instructed by God.

In 1962, we had a scripture union youth camp in Nabugabo where people were saying the role of Christians was to just pray, avoid work and that God would take care of us. I didn’t agree.

Then in 1965, I brought a motion that we should condemn Ian Smith of Rhodesia for oppressing people but the Christians refused, instead accusing me of backsliding. That’s how I left the scripture union and went into some other work.

There’s no doubt that God punishes people once they get out of the way. This problem of COVID 19 came from eating bats. Ebola came from eating monkeys. The issue of what to eat must be addressed. People should never have eaten bats or monkeys.

Let’s listen to what God is telling us but also discipline ourselves and use our God-given knowledge to solve these problems. Unlike AIDS, we shall get a vaccine and cure for Covid-19. But in the meantime, let us avoid it by being disciplined.

The Bible actually supports some of the SOPs we are emphasising. Numbers 5 verses 1-3 talks of isolation and social distancing. Luke 17:1-11 shows the same. The lepers stood at a distance from Jesus.

I am glad that the majority of Ugandans listened to our message. There is a minority that doesn’t listen and still pose a problem. The saying goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” In Kampala, people listen to multiple advice, explaining why cases are highest here.

Out of the 29 who have died, 20 are from Kampala.

I would like to use this occasion to appeal to Ugandans that (Obwato buffa magoba) the boat disintegrates as it nears the shore. We have a few months to finish this issue but we should not fail now.

The national Covid-19 taskforce will meet on Tuesday to see what to do with the schools, churches, bars, and others. But people should be the custodians of their own health.

I got this idea of special prayers from Bishop Kwefuga of Kiruhura and I agreed to it. I thank him.

I congratulate all the Ugandans for praying because the scripture says Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.
God bless you all. “ Statement from President Museveni.


Minister of Health Hon Jane Ruth Aceng remarked “The Lord has been so good. We want to thank Him. We have lost 28 people but we have not yet lost the battle.”

Pastor Daniel Matte said as the country comes together in prayer over COVID19, we must believe and have faith that the Lord will answer our prayers.

Born Again leader Bishop Joshua Lwere who was the Guest Preacher said God allows us to go through challenges to reboot the system. The world will not be the same. This is another reboot and we will emerge stronger, better and closer to God.

He added that God wants us to use this storm to refocus. He is taking us somewhere. We must hear what He is telling us to do. He wants us to come out better, not bitter.

He touched more issues including “Work was ordained by God. It is a way we exercise our dominion over everything. Through work, man turns the earth’s raw materials into finished products for earth and Heaven’s benefit.

God wants cheerful givers as He loves cheerful workers. Enjoy your work, stop having a meeting after the meeting complaining.

Lwere also said Poverty is an indication of our failed dominion. The second indicator is moral decadence. And that God wants work alongside thinking. He expects us to think better than animals. The thinking will help the young people, the scientists to come up with innovations.

“We have so many people stinky rich but can’t help poor neighbours because they have poor hearts. There those who have educated hands and head but are great thieves. We must educate the head, heart and hands. There is no commandment greater than ‘Love Your Neighbour as You Love Yourself “ Lwere said and added that we educate the head, heart, hands and house. To transform Uganda, we must focus on the four.

Presiding Apostle Dr Joseph Sserwadda among the clergies who prayed stressed “God is on our side. If He is, who can be against us? We need to call off the lockdown and we live responsibly.”

More quotes during President Museveni’s Address.

From what Bishop Lwere was saying. We seem to be reaching a convergence. There was a belief that man doesn’t have to work, just pray. This is common among the Balokole.

The original role of man on earth is all in the book of Genesis. The first assignment is to multiply and fill the world. That one Africans are good at it.

The second one is dominion through work.

We need to listen to what God is telling us but also discipline ourselves and use our knowledge which God gave us to solve these problems.

The first thing people thought of when corona came was that God come and take us. Take you where? I’m going nowhere.

The pandemic is a fault of humans. The disease started in China, they say they ate bats. In traditional Banyankole, there are abominations.


Bats are always in there caves, you go to eat them! Ebola came from eating monkeys. It is not God that said go and eat monkeys.

We are looking for a vaccine to deal with a disease that came from eating bats.

This idea that coronavirus doesn’t kill the young is nonsensical.

If you don’t listen, we might have to organise burial planners.

I’m appealing to Ugandans, you have done well but the boat splits near the shore.

The ones who have recovered have received good treatment from the hospitals. This disease kills by inflammation, the doctors can control that when people are not too many.

The reason why people died like flies in Europe is because they were too many for doctors to handle.

I’m glad that the majority of Ugandans have listened. It is the minority that do not listen. Kampala is now the richest with coronavirus because they don’t listen.

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