Book: The Lifestyle Of A Worshiper now buying UGX 20K.

Book: The Lifestyle Of A Worshipper
Author: Deaconess Margaret Jacqueline Nanteza
Cost: UGX Shs 20,000
Available in: Aristoc Booklex (Acacia Mall, Garden City, Kampala rd, Shermack Bookstore, Uganda Book shop, Barnes at Noble (USA & UK), Smashwords E-book Publishing Company (USA), (UK & US)

The Lifestyle Of A Worshipper argues that true worship takes more than just sessions and moments of singing in church, but how one presents oneself before the Lord God Almighty.

Deaconess Margaret Jacqueline Nanteza’s book is an intriguing revelation about worship and tackles the misconception about worship as ‘singing’.

Nanteza, who studied and lived in the USA for some time, writes from her personal experiences and encounters with God.

Nanteza notes the Psalmist King David was an inspiration; a wonderful example of a man who maintained a singing heart. King David was truly devoted to praise and worship and is a good example for today’s worshippers.

In her journey into spiritual worship, Nanteza believes in the happy moments, difficult moments, quiet moments God can be reached through prayer but also through worship.

She spices the book with scripture to demonstrate that pure worship is only inspired by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

This book does not disappoint; it is a  good lesson in the kind of worship God requires of us – “in truth and spirit”.


During the year 2003, the Lord Almighty spoke to me about writing a book, on the ministry that he called me into, Praise and Worship. Deep down inside, I felt this was too big an assignment for me, and was meant only for a chosen few.

During the hot summer of 2005, while studying and living in America, I heard the same voice of the Lord again, the same scripture ringing in my ears. This time it was very loud and much clearer than before: “My beloved child I believe in you, and know that you can do this. I am going to give you the wisdom you need and direction.”

I began to understand Peter*s fears in the Bible, when he first stepped out of the boat and walked on the water. Then suddenly, I felt a strong inspiration to start writing this book with such a powerful anointing. I knew the voice of God, and I know that obedience is better than sacrifice.

I continually thank God, for his divine wisdom and direction in enabling me to write this book, and for the joy that has filled my spirit while singing his praise. When the praises go up, the blessings come down. Glory!

I pray that this book will bless, and inspire all those who read it, and that you will find out for yourself how faithful our God is, and true to his word. He is to be trusted wholeheartedly.

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