KCCA moves to recover Nkurumah dispensary.

Kampala, Uganda – By Desire Ninsiima

City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has revealed that Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) will claim its Nkurumah Road dispensary, following the Auditor General’s forensic report.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago (File photo)

“We have been losing our facilities such as schools, markets and land,” he said.

Lukwago said the report proved that the facility was illegally given away to Securex Amenities about 10 years ago. Speaking to journalists he had hosted at the Lord Mayor’s Parlour, Lukwago said a forensic report indicated that the dispensary was given way unlawfully.

He said in the agreement, the developer took over the facility and transformed it into a seven-floor commercial building (SAL Complex) with a promise to provide one floor for the KCCA clinic.

This part of the bargain was, however, not fulfilled. “We have been struggling to recover the facility and it is against this background that we asked the Auditor General to come up with a forensic report,” Lukwago said on Monday, October 26.

He said the report shows that the facility should be recovered.

“We have been losing our facilities such as schools, markets and land,” he said.

In a report dated September 20, 2020, it was noted that the description of the current property on Plot 71, Nkurumah Road, does not meet the conditions stipulated in the lease agreement.

The report signed by John Muwanga, the Auditor General, revealed that a dispensary that was serving the nearby population in Kampala was destroyed without a replacement. Muwanga noted that Kampala City Council (KCC) issued an occupation permit despite the fact that the developments were not as per the lease agreement.


He noted that a certificate of occupation approval number 082/11 dated February 3, 2011, was signed by John Mpambala, the acting director physical planning. Although the PPDA Act 2003, section 97(1)(c) identifies direct negotiation as one way of disposal of public assets, the procuring and disposing entity did not obtain the prior approval of the minister to dispose of the strategic asset as required by subsection 1(c) and 1(e) of section 87.

He said the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) and KCC did not comply with the requirements of section 59 of the local government and PPDA regulations 2006 (1) that requires a procuring and disposing entity to carry out a due diligence test.

Muwanga said he was not provided with a report to show the executive committee of KCC technically assessed the performance of the clinic and its structures. Muwanga added that the disposal file for Plot 71 Nkurumah Road was not availed by ULC, which creates doubt whether ULC complied with its lease application process when leasing the said property to M/S Securex Amenities Limited.

The lessee did not observe the covenants of the lease agreement and more specifically, section 2(j) to redevelop the premises into a modern commercial complex with a provision for a health centre as agreed between the applicant and KCC.

The consent for a collateral mortgage by Paul Idude, the principal lands officer, did not have a supporting minute of the ULC authorising the two banks that were engaged by the lessee.


The Authority oversees the provision of health services through the Directorate of Health and Environment.

Kampala City faces health challenges associated with any developing city. Priority is given to HIV/AIDS and the resultant opportunistic infections, diarrhoeal and respiratory diseases, and malaria. The directorate also monitors food handling and food hygiene practices and generally enforces the Public Health Act.

Working with several other partners, efforts have been made to provide preventive measures as well as infrastructural support and public education in health matters.


The Directorate consists of two main branches – ; the curative and the preventive both at City Hall and in the Divisions through 10 health centres. Theses health facilities provide ante-natal and curative services. The health department also has the mandate to ensure food hygiene codes of practice in hotels, restaurants, and bars

KCCA Health Center3- Free clinicWankulukuku Rd Open ⋅ Closes 12AM ·

Kisenyi Health Centre IV4

Hospital Mwanga II Rd Open 24 hours

Kisugu Health Centre 4.0  (2) · HospitalPark Rise RdOpen Closes 4PM · 

Kitebi Health Centre 4. Hospital Open 24 hours

City administration City Hall Open ⋅ Closes 5PM 

Others are Kiswa, Kawaala, Komamboga…

Also read https://www.kcca.go.ug/media/docs/KCCA-DPHEBulletin_issue2.pdf

City Hall Clinic

Most KCCA hospitals work on out-patients due to lack of equipment and inadequate staff.  However, the number of patients has increased from 300 to 900 this week since they can’t manage to reach Kiruddu and Kawempe, where they were referred to, due to transport costs.

Some of the patients visiting KCCA clinic at city hall in Kampala

Services offered by KCCA health center include general medicine, family planning, immunization, HIV testing and counseling, antenatal, dental, sputum tests for T.B, circumcision and other simple infections like malaria, typhoid and cough. In most KCCA health centres, they still lack enough space to see patients like in Kisswa, Kisenyi, Kawaala and City Hall.

“We are so squeezed here at City Hall yet in a day, we receive around 100 patients. However most of the patients we get come for yellow fever vaccine,” a source said.

At City Hall, they don’t immunize children, but offer family planning services apart from surgical ones, and they are in the process of starting an Art HIV clinic to examine all HIV tests before they give out ARVs. 

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