Multi city challenge deadline on 23rd December; How would you improve Kampala?

Kampala, Uganda – By E K Benj

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is running several challenges to improve on the lives of city dwellers around the world. Several cities in Africa are participating in a special program under Multi City Challenge.

The Multi City Challenge is a process by which cities facing common problems pool expertise from residents to discover and implement innovative solutions. We want to hear your solutions to three complex urban challenges in five African cities. City governments do not need to look far to find expertise.

UNDP Uganda now wants Ugandans to share concepts on how to improve Kampala.

Urban Resilience

UNDP, The Government Lab and Kampala Capital City Authority reached out to some local organisations asking them to share ideas that could help build resilience in Kampala slums.

HICGI News Agency has spoken to a member of Youth Coalition for SDGs whose interest is Ecoplastile. The idea is to work with slum communities and low income households, to collect plastic waste and recycle them into plastic timbers and timber saving roofing tiles, thus produce affordable construction materials that would facilitate building of low cost homes for slums through a develop and co-own model.

Kampala City

Rating and Voting:

UNDP and KCCA wants to know from the public if such ideas submitted can create impact and it’s practicability.

Voting can be done on this link Follow it to participate & vote in the #MultiCityChallenge by 23 December 2020.

Several companies that make bottled drinking water in Uganda have no organized way to have the bottles disposed of making the city littered with plastic bottles. KCCA is struggling to address this challenge through its waste management policy.

Dorothy Kisaka, KCCA Executive Director led a team of KCCA officials and Journalists on Saturday 24th October 2020 at Kiteezi landfill and later in Ddundu, Butaba village in Mukono District where a new waste management site is situated. As part of cleaning the city, KCCA conducts a monthly clean the city campaign ’Weyonje’ which attracts city dwellers and local leaders.

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