I am A Journalist – 2020 Christmas message.

Welcome to Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP in Special Consultative Status with United Nations-UN.

While the rest of the world rests, we’re awake, while many of you enjoy, we’re behind the camera and PCs to bring you the news and information happening where you’re not.

We have an obligation; to build strong institutions not to tear them. To turn boys into great men, and girls into great women. To turn those who strive into great leaders and shape their future.

We’re the voice to the voiceless. The Eyes to those who can’t see well. We shall always be there right for you. Because we’re the nation is. #IamAJournalist

To Editors, don’t put us in risky situations, To the MDs & CEOs, give us contracts, Better Salaries and Insurance Cover, To Security Agencies, We’re not enemies of the State, to fellow Journalists, Let’s not forget our Professional Code of Conduct.

Merry Christmas 2020.

I am A Journalist is an Initiative of Heal The Planet Global…

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