2020 KCCA Weyonje Sanitation Challenge and ED’s end of year message.

By E K Benj

Updated at 06:45PM GMT on Monday 28th December 20

KAMPALA – The 2020 Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Weyonje Sanitation Challenge has today come to a close, climaxing with an award ceremony of the best performing divisions.

KCCA Awards for best achievers. Courtesy photo.

At a ceremony earlier today in Bugolobi, Kampala, KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka has lauded stake holders and her team for joining to recognize the Division leadership and sanitation workers who toil every day, sometimes under hardship, to not only keep the city clean but to also transform Kampala into a Better City.

Kisaka has equally appreciated the Minister for Kampala Betty Amongi for agreeing to officiate at today’s celebrations which have been graced by officials from Government and partners.

In her opening remarks, Kisaka said ”When we started out as a new administration in August this year, we laid out a work philosophy by which KCCA would realize its vision of a Vibrant, Attractive and Sustainable City. These included; Leading from the front; Fast tracking service delivery; Building bridges for peace; Using a participatory approach; Upholding Good values; Serving the diversity of Kampala; and good stewardship of what was entrusted to us. I think you will all agree with me that today we are recognizing the efforts and achievements of the KCCA teams in pursuing this work philosophy.”

Kisaka noted that the community is responding in increasing numbers as observed during the Kampala Weyonje Monthly Clean-ups held on every last Saturday of the month.

She adds, ”it is our objective to make these monthly clean-ups a regular and must-do event for all in Kampala.”

The ED also applauded the communities in the 5 Divisions that have participated in these clean-ups, as well as the KCCA staff and partners who have made the clean-up program a reality. She encouraged them to continue participating in the campaign.

”Today we are celebrating the KCCA staff who have been conducting the Weyonje Sanitation Challenge for the last three months. ’Weyonje’ means keep clean and rightly this should start with us, KCCA staff. ” Kisaka said.


Kisaka highlighted some achievements of the competition which included sanitation improvements with over 1000 household toilets safely emptied for the period (September- October 2020)

She noted that there has been improvement in solid waste managements with 80,000 tones of solid waste safely managed in the period of 3 months (September – November 2020)

Kisaka emphasised the ’End of Month Weyonje cleanups’ launched in September and held on the last Saturday of September, October and November 2020 in all the five Divisions.

Regarding Health and Education, the authority has conducted placement and inspection of handwashing stations. This has been followed with inspection of premises for COVID 19 Standard Operating Procedures.

Kisaka has also pointed out the innovations and partnerships they have achieved including voucher systems to aquire subsidized relief catalytic emptying services in informal settlements.

She mentioned some Partners like Stanbic Bank Uganda which provided wheel burrows, spades for clean ups and provision of hand washing stations. Engineers without boarders with provision of hand washing stations, Water AID provided 500 vouchers to empty household toilets and 25 to empty community toilets among others.


In spite of the achievements, KCCA boss said they have encountered some challenges and these include; inadequate provision and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all sanitation workers pointing out road sweepers, drainage teams, cesspool teams, among others.

KCCA is also facing limited equipment for garbage, feacal sludge and drainage management, to enable the teams serve the informal settlements.

Kisaka says Kiteezi landfill has reached the end of its useful life; ” we urgently need a new disposal management solution for Kampala.” She adds that the COVID-19 pandemic has constrained the work of the teams.

Despite these challenges, the teams have persevered and delivered the achievements highlighted earlier.

”To you the unsung heroes of KCCA, I say thank you and pledge the commitment of the KCCA management to work with you to address the challenges that you have shared with me, for the betterment of our City.” she said.

Kisaka called upon individuals, children, communities, churches, businesses, WASH actors and partners to participate in the cleaning of the city, and to work with KCCA in improving WASH for a vibrant attractive and sustainable city. To the leaders, she encouraged them to prioritize sanitation in communities and to mobilise the public to participate in the monthly Kampala Weyonje clean ups.

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