Janet Museveni – We speak a blessing over the electoral process

By E K Benj

Updated at 21:40 GMT on Sunday, 10th January 21.

KOLOLO- Uganda’s First Lady, Hon Janet Kataha Museveni has described Uganda as a blessed nation. Janet’s remarks were made today in a speech delivered by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director, Ms Dorothy Kisaka on her behalf during Uganda Women Intercessors Prayer Event at Kololo Airstrip.

The women, majorly civil servants gathered to pray for Uganda and President Yoweri Kaguta T Museveni ahead of Presidential Elections this coming Thursday 14th January.

Before reading the First Lady’s speech, Kisaka appreciated the intercessors for fervently praying for her while she conducts the affairs of the city.

In her speech, Mrs Museveni says the gathering of the coalition of women across Uganda from different Christian denominations is commendable because the destiny of a nation cannot be left to a few individuals. “All people from all walks of life must join in to do their part. I therefore want to thank the organisers for calling the women together to intercede for Uganda as we prepare for the 2021 national elections.” says the First Lady.

She quotes the scriptures ‘if my people who are called by name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven forgive their sins and heal their land”.

On Uganda’s history.

Janet says Uganda’s journey since 1962 is well known to many, having had both times of peace and times of turbulence. She adds, in the past the country has had a few electoral positions of members of parliament and the president but today has many electoral positions spanning the diverse governance structures. The people have taken advantage of the governance opportunities and more and more citizens are participating in the politics. She cites electoral activity at village level, parish level, sub counties, counties, municipalities and cities. The whole country is abuzz with electoral issues, she adds.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni & First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni – Courtesy photo

“This is a positive development in as much as it has its own challenges; it is good to know that our citizens are participating in the politics of our nation. This was the aspiration of the NRM government, to emphasize patriotism and create opportunities for citizens to determine their own destiny.” Says Mrs. Museveni

Full Speech

We should pray that it is done peacefully. We should pray that the jostling for power at the various levels allover the country should propel us to a desirable future. We should pray that the leaders who emerge through this process will champion peace, development, and harmony. During the times of turbulence, all citizens suffer and the gains of yesterday are diminished in a moment. But it’s the women and children who suffer most because of their vulnerability. All the work regarding women’s efforts to save orphans and the forums for youth that we have worked with over the years have been geared towards the need to address the effects of national turbulence that Uganda has gone through.

I therefore gladly recognize and affirm the role of women in nation building. Women have the honor of bringing forth life. Women have the experience of carrying children in the womb and travailing until that child is brought forth. The joy of our nation is the thriving of our citizens.The joy of every mother is the prosperity of her children. 

My role here today as a mother is to rally us all to pray.

My singular appeal to women everywhere in our nation is to travail at this time so that a peaceful election is delivered throughout all our constituencies. 

Do not tire of praying and calling upon the name of the Lord in times of trouble. His ear is attentive to the cries of his chosen ones. A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world. 

We are in a time of intercession because we intuitively know that there is something of great worth that should be born into our nation through these national elections. Our intercession is that God will bring into leadership those men and women that will drive our nation into peace and prosperity. God works through ordinary men and women that he chooses every season. We pray that cures for Covid 19 will be discovered, we pray that the negative effects and impact of the lockdown will be reversed, that businesses will be revamped, that schools will reopen, that the sick will recover, that our people will experience peace and prosperity

These are the words of Prophet Jeremiah, ‘Consider and call for the wailing women, that they may come and wail…… 

There are some that are skeptical about the power of prayer and the mystery of spirituality. The testimonies of the Lord are abundant as to how he has intervened mysteriously and miraculously in the affairs of men and caused victory when it was unexpected. God divided the red sea when it looked like the Egyptians would destroy the Israelites. God caused the 5000 to be fed with two fish and 5 loaves. God caused a hungry Elijah to be fed by strange ravens. God caused water to come out of a rock. God still moves in miraculous ways his purposes to perform. There is no situation that is impossible with God. He is able to do more than we can ask or even imagine. 

I call upon you to pray unceasingly and let God himself choose how to answer prayer. Your expectation may not be how he will answer but he will answer. Our role is to stand in the gap and call upon his name. Can God work without man praying? Yes he can bit he has desired that mankind participates in the work of the Lord.

And so as I conclude my remarks, I want to invite all of us to pray together today. We shall send a blessing signature into the land by our words. We shall bless and we shall not curse our land or its people. 

Our land shall prosper. We shall say Uganda you are blessed. You are a blessing

A cheering congregation recited a prayer.


Blessed are you Uganda the land of our forefathers

Blessed are you Uganda the land that feeds us

Blessed are you Uganda you receive rain and sunshine in abundance.

Blessed are your waters, blessed is your soil, blessed are your valleys and blessed are your hills.

Blessed are your Children both young and old.

Blessed are the men that dwell in our land, blessed are women the mothers of the land, blessed are your daughters and blessed are your youth, blessed are the toddlers and blessed are the unborn.

Blessed are Uganda’s leaders across the nation, those in the executive, in the judiciary and in the legislature .

Blessed are the local government leaders, the mayors, and the councilors, the RDCs.

Blessed are our businessmen and women, the entrepreneurs in our land.

Blessed are your cities, your districts, and your villages.

Blessed is your inheritance, blessed are your borders.

We speak a blessing over the electoral process, over the leaders of this process. We speak the blessing of peace over every participant in the election process, may peace be our portion.

You are blessed Oh Uganda, your children shall dwell in peace and prosperity, forever and ever Amen.

After the speech, Pastor Sarah Bunjo, wife to Apostle John Bunjo prayed for Kisaka and the First Lady.

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  1. If presdatnt love the mandate of his constitutional law and order, this we’re the only one rules for God’s love truly together must of us have been raising the concerns on fundamentals freedom of human rights law!
    Uganda Nationaly group, wasn’t sure for they published constitutional rights, also noticed that it’s, no democracy?
    Since Numbered of children are arrested for the above captioned process & situations to the electoral votes this must be addresset in court soon as possible
    I believe that, the above matter what was in first family Act’s Attached in constitutional law, was appointed by owner , To the memorandum of understanding?
    Did he followed his own security instructions for the confirmation on judicial review articles?
    Also I wanted to know what is u rules of leadership team To immediate response of jurisdiction Bag for Uganda?
    As I get back to you, Negleglance of Administration in leadership team and it’s fundamentals freedom wing reference against NRM what can u Tell court over All complex brutality Torture u instructed to community?
    All reference against NRM brutality Torture and hard labour within prison service, can you open agoal Teggest for the New revelation for the promise Land.
    The Next generation and it’s fundamentals theories of jurisdiction Bag x, mostly likely sounds forwarded to heaven and Earth.
    Any leader love his country and Humanitarian Action of ordenary court jurisdiction in judiciary automatically environment To take care of his children, this is very grateful leader for the future generations!
    When u gather children and grandchildren , And u promised them, it’s likely be fullfil ur owner promise information about team and conditions

    This is second letter issued by ( Nile rebuke zone, legitimate advocate human rights watch)
    RF: complaint No :
    Gulu/36/2016, Mayanja khamis and Attorney general
    Since the Reference is made to the above captioned matter lodged with the commission.
    After raising concerns on brutality Torture and hard labour, I have alleged that concerns on 28th November 2015
    While I was a convict No (234/2015) at lugore prison farm located in patiko sub_county in gulu district, I was called by Deputy officer in charge ( O/C)ASP kaima yunusu who inquired from me if I need to appeal against the sentence, also he asked me why, as I explained to him, the ASP started to kick me on abdomen and I fell down and then he ordered about ten inmates to tie me on the tree truck with All my legs wrapped around it.
    That the ASP started beating me with a baton on the buttocks until it gets broke and he instructed the inmates to press my genitals hard on the tree truck and as the results, I became too much weak with a lot of pain.
    The question is what whold u think To happen again in judiciary automatically authority of letters after the commission investigated the above matter?
    And international criminals court, with it’s law enforcement to the fundamentals judicial Act’s of governments of human rights law.
    If I believe that what’s Appointed unit for the New revelation in constitutional democracy way do u don’t want to follow up the principal in fundamentals freedom
    Do u think that’s u are good leader , when I suffer from the University rulers and it’s fundamentals theories of jurisdiction Bag x, what’s will be my benefits after rehabilitation and interpretation of human rights law and order of rules goveners us
    I think u God bless you and I sick for support for my life insurances.
    Also I call upon the Lord judge, of London with it’s confirmed theories of universalist Royal commission To ensure justice on my issue.
    I’am mayanja khamis ( Boli Bogi wing)
    For new opportunities of disability


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