Legality Vs Bureaucracy – Editors Choice.

Kampala, Uganda


An operation license is crucial to run an entity legally. It protects consumers as well as service providers with better relations with regulators.

Recently in Uganda, lawyers of a presidential candidate faced hard time as their operation permits had expired and didn’t renew them.

Some times we relax to renew licenses , permits or fix legal documents in our day today life. Foristance driving with an expired license does not mean one doesn’t know how to drive, but if arrested can face fine or even jail.

There situations where people are frustrated due to much bureaucracy in attaining several permits. These include setting up a new company, getting a land title, having a mining or exporting license and many more.

Government institutions need to quicken the process and also award permits in time to those who fulfil requirements, this will make the world a better place for everyone.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin CEO & Editor in Chief of HICGI News Agency at UCC headquarters in Kampala.

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