Ugandan Journalists pay Tribute to EX UJA President Ronald Kagolo as Police investigates the murder.

By Prossy Will S

Updated at 21: 49 GMT on Fri 30th April 21


UJA leaders salute their fallen former President Ronald Kagolo after laying a wreath during a reqium mass at UBC head offices on Thursday

UJA President Sarapio Rukundo has called for military training and arming of journalists for self defence since according to him, police has failed to protect them.

In a statement, former UJA President Ahmed Kateregga said that Kagolo did many good things. “But in case he had his shortcomings in his service , we all collectively share the blame because we worked with him.”

He said that worldwide, whenever there is an incident, police do some arrests at time to lessen the situation that is tense. “But this time, culprits be brought to book,” he said.

According to Star Station Manager, Sensuwa, President Museveni has paid for every thing in the funeral including meals.

Veteran journalist Tony Owana said that Kagolo was trying to fit in the shoes of one of his mentors, Mulindwa Muwonge, but the shoes were larger.

UBC CEO Mr. Tabaro also lauded his fallen staff whom he said was focused.

He delivered apology from ICT Minister Judith Nabakoba who was on official duty but expected to attend burial in Gomba, Mpigi tomorrow Saturday.

Newly elected Member of Parliament Hon Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira with the deceased, the duo served as UJA bosses.

Kagolo was gunned down by one of the Local Defense Unity – LDU guards that were keeping his late brother’s home, last night.

Uganda police in a statement said there investigating the murder.

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