Survived on Artificial Heart valves; Hilda Nabasa dies in the middle of wedding Preparations.

By E K Benj


Updated 16:05 GMT on Friday 7 May 2021

Thousands on Thursday turned up to bid farewell to Hilda Nabasa in Kanungu 500 miles South Western Uganda.

In 2019 the 31 year old under went heart surgery in India and was offered artificial values at nealry U$ 21000 contributed by family and friends. At the time of her demise on 04th May 2021 she was preparing for a traditional wedding ceremony.

Sources speaking to HICGI News Agency, said Hilda took medication everyday for the last 12 years to support the heart.

Her friends have described her as the most cheering person they have encountered.

She is survived by a 5 year old daughter.


Hilda was sister to Financial Consultant & EX Executive Director of Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda – AMFIU, David T Baguma.

Thousands attend Hilda Nabasa burial in Kanungu – Photos by E K Benj
David T Baguma speaking alongside Mengo Rotary Club members who attended the burial.
City Tycoon Tarzan Kyambadde and other members of Acrobatic Mission Fellowship listen to speeches
Father : David Baguma and his children
Mrs Hellen Baguma when Hilda brought fiancé home.

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