Kampala Old Taxi Park to be opened soon- Kisaka

By Edith Nankubuge – Updated at 15:25 GMT on Wednesday 12, May 21


The Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA, Ms Dorothy Kisaka on Tuesday visited the old taxi park to check on the progress of the ongoing works that are expected to be completed within 9 days.

Addressing the media, Kisaka said the pending works include installation of an access control system, engaging taxi operators’ leadership and marking of stages for the respective destinations.

The news has been received with excitement from Ugandans who have spoken to HICGI News Agency given the fact that it will reduce the taxi congestion that has been on Kampala roads and people not knowing the right places where to find the different taxis of their different destinations. “This is now a resolved case because now taxis will be having permanent stations in the new built re-known Old taxi park.” said Alex a taxi operator.

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