NEMA, Hoima Sugar and UG Govt sued for Destroying Bugoma Forest

Robert Turyakira has asked Uganda High Court to stand with Ugandans in saving Bugoma Forest.

Robert Turyakira, Uganda Lawyer

Robert Turyakira is an environmental and climate activist. He is the Deputy Executive Director of the Environment Shield, a CSO based in Uganda involved in environmental litigation advocacy for environmental Justice. Robert is a member of the Climate Action Network and Youth Go Green Uganda. He is also a UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) advocate and a member of the SDGs Coalition in Uganda, and he is the Patron of the Turyakira Foundation, a Humanitarian initiative specializing in addressing social inequalities in Sub Saharan.

Robert has spoken widely on panels analyzing the role of young people in championing SDGs in Africa by promoting climate adaptation and mitigation. Robert uses social media and main stream media to mobilize youth into climate action and create awareness about the Paris Agreement and the grave effects of the climate crisis.

Robert’s education is in environmental chemistry and ecological biology.

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