Experts Warn M7 on returning nation to Lockdown

By Prossy S Will – updated at 1843 GMT on Sunday, 30th May 21

KAMPALA – Experts have advised Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta T Museveni on returning the country to a lock down amidst fear within citizens.

Museveni on Sunday night while addressing the nation said he will be returning this week to the airwaves and announce a new direction following new cases being reported of Covid 19.

However, speaking to HICGI News Agency – different experts on the economy and health warned on move.


Instead the president has been advised to empower Ugandan Scientists trying to find a vaccine or cure from local herbs.

Some feared politics in the figures pronounced by the Ministry of Health about Covid cases claiming they can’t be proven and in any case of true, the ministry should concentrate on treating patients and sensitizing Ugandans.

Covid 19 cases today

Locals also raised a concern of the government failing to feed citizens in the concluded lockdown claiming the exercise was poorly managed.

Empty streets during lockdown- courtesy image

Fellow Countrymen, Countrywomen and Bazukulu, I am here once again to remind you that the COVID-19 variants are here with us, these are even affecting young people. Our numbers are rising quickly and the onus is on everyone now not to let your guard down.

I, therefore, call upon each one of you, to listen to the advice of our health experts KEENLY and follow SOPs SERIOUSLY. Nantabulilirwa yasaabala bwa bbumba (Obwato). An inexorable person was told clay doesn’t make canoes but he didn’t listen.

Meanwhile, in the due course, we shall sit with the National Task Force on COVID-19 to determine how we can proceed as a country. I will then address you regarding our decisions. Remember to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

I thank you.


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