“I went for fishermen not intellectuals” Museveni explains kicking out Pharisees in recent Cabinet appointments.

By Brondon S Abraham Updated at 1114 GMT on Friday 2021

Kampala- Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has used the National Budget Day reading to explain his new cabinet appointment being debated in the local media.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni at Kololo ceremonial grounds on Thursday – PPU photo

“On the issue of the proposed cabinet, I decided to surprise everybody as Jesus did; when Jesus started his movement, there were intellectuals like the Pharisees, but he went for the fishermen.” Museveni said on Thursday.

His remarks have surprised many who thought he never took long time to scrutinise his cabinet list on several angles.

Senior political analyst and veteran journalist Samuel Kazibwe while on CBS FM had no kind words for former Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga who he said knew what was going to happen to her by her decisions. Kadaga who many said was humiliated with the new post of 2nd Deputy Prime Minister under a young woman to has been subordinate to her.

Kazibwe said when Kadaga decided to rebel against her party position on a new speaker and decided to come on an independent ticket to challenge her bosses, she was to bear consequences like this humiliation. Kazibwe asked her to emulate her predecessors who took a humble pie and embraced the reality of a new life to fit in the society without government luxuries and many privileges.


In his budget speech also, Museveni said poverty rates have reduced in West Nile, Elgon region, and other areas. “More households are now in the money economy. This is great news and it means that we are achieving in our Wealth Creation gospel.” He added.

“While we are busy creating wealth, some parasites are out there trying to scare people through isolated attacks, like when they attacked Gen Katumba (Wamala). We shall CRUSH you as we have done in the past.”

He added that his government is investing in strengthening the forensic capacity of the Police as wrong elements always leave behind a lead at the scene of the crime that can be traced in the investigations. He urged the ‘wanainchi’ to always respect crime scenes and not tamper.

According to police, one of the criminals dropped a cloth during the escape and somebody picked it before the police arrived.

Museveni also noted that a good number of guns in Uganda have been fingerprinted. “Deputy IGP says that they already know the fingerprints on the gun used in the attack on Gen Katumba. I know this attack was not an ordinary crime but a definite political motive.” He said.

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