Fake M7 Death News; UG Govt Warns Bloggers

Uganda’s Information & National Guidance Minister Chris Baryomunsi on Tuesday addressed journalists at the Media Centre in Kampala following fake news circulating online about President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

By HICGI News Agency – Updated at 1048 GMT on 07th 07 2021 KAMPALA

Several bloggers and and social media accounts on Facebook and YouTube have been circulating fake news of “death” of President Museveni.

On Monday, Museveni and First Lady Janet Museveni’s photos were posted on State House pages with caption of ”coming out of cabinet meeting” instead rumours continued.


Museveni however on Tuesday appeared in public and photos of cheering crowd as his convoy drove to Wakiso for a ground breaking ceremony with Kenyan Deputy Prime Minister William Ruto of Dei hit social media.

BioPharma Ltd, a multibillion pharmaceutical drugs and mRNA vaccine manufacturing facility in Matugga, Wakiso facility is to focus on applying biotechnology to solve the health challenges of humanity through creation of novel drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics.

Should public know when a leader is sick?

According to “John Kuku” not real names, Unlike in developed countries, many African leaders prefer to hide their health details and keep news of hospitalisation a secret. This is due to fear of potential harm or assassination against them any where they can be receiving treatment.

President Museveni since he came power 35 years ago has not disclosed publicly if he ever had treatment within and out side the country. All he has disclosed is eating and exercising lifestyle.

Fallen Zimbabwean leader Robert Gabriel Mugabe is among the few African leaders who the public would some time know that he is in Singapore, hospitalised.

In Tanzania news of late John Pombe Magufuri hospitalisation was kept secret for some time but it’s believed foreign agencies leaked it to opposition politicians until he was declared dead.

There also beliefs according to Kuku that some Heads of State have “Double” who some times continue with normal work of a Head of State even in public.

Sources speaking to HICGI News Agency accuse Uganda’s opposition politicians of masterminding fake news about President Museveni as part of their political games and struggles.

Dr Chris Baryomunsi on Tuesday threatened to shut down any media houses and punish those involved in circulating the fake news about President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

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