M7 Eulogises Gen Pecos Kutesa

By E K Benj – Updated at 2008 GMT on 22nd Sunday Aug 2021

ENTEBBE- Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has eulogised his fallen bush war comrade Gen Pecos Kutesa. In an emotional message tweeted, Museveni delivers condolences to the UPDF fraternity and the Kutesa Family.

”Condolences from the Ugandans and myself on the death of Lt. Gen. Pecos Kutesa.” Museveni remembers four things about Pecos.

Pecos Kutesa body arrives at Entebbe International Airport PHOTO/Courtesy

1. When he went to Monduli Academy to address Ugandan Officer Cadets, there were 2 very brown young people in the group of 300 that stood out on account of their complexion; Pecos & Hannington Mugabi. Mugabi died in the bush, at Kitema Masanga, shot by a colleague, accidentally.


2. When they attacked Kakiri UNLA detachment on 6/04/81, as the assault from the East of Kampala – Hoima Road was going on, standing near one of the shops, “ I saw Pecos crawling in the typical military way, to capture the Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) the UNLA had fled and left alone.” He adds

3. He also took part in the battles of Masindi (20th of February, 1984) and Kabamba (1st of January,1985) as well as other battles of encounter, like the one of Mataba swamp, near Kyajinja.

4. Pecos liked reading novels!

“That was the reason I selected him to, along with Suicide, accompany me when I, on the 6th of June, 1981, crossed Lake Victoria in a 25 horsepower engine boat to Kenya, on my way to meet Muammar Gaddafi who gave us the few guns and ammo we got from outside.” Adds Museveni

“Therefore, Pecos made his contribution. Dying at 65, was too early for such a useful person. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.”

The remains of Lt. General Pecos Kutesa, one of the historical officers who fought in the National Resistance Army-NRA led rebellion were returned into the country on Friday. Kutesa, 65, died from India where he had been taken for specialised care after a long illness.

His remains were carried in the belly of the Emirates aircraft that landed on Friday afternoon at Entebbe International Airport. The widow, Dorah Kutesa who had traveled with another relative to nurse the husband was received by a delegation from the army and family members at the airside.

Lt. General James Mugira, the Managing Director of the National Enterprise Corporation, led the delegation that also included Kutesa’s friend Maj. General Steven Kashaka.

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