In the depth of philanthropy, Grace Kabi Regina will be remembered; Special Tribute

President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

I have never come across a woman who is so passionate about charity as Grace Kabi Regina Nakivumbi .

Since I came to know her in 2013, I not only became part of the family because of the same clan, I got to know what it means to do charity work. Couple of times we would go together to Rakai, Kakuuto on UG-TZ boarder to donate to the children and elderly affected by HIV yet other times she sent me do it with #SrAmedeoCharitySociety members an organisation she founded .

I also enjoyed her visits at my home multiple times and her smiles at my introduction and wedding in 2014 were exceptional. A few weeks ago we talked and we had arrangements of this year’s Christmas Holiday in Oslo Norwaywith my family whereshe has been a citizen for more than 30 years.

We shall forever…

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